I just discovered this page that purported to be all about me but ACTUALLY contained no information regarding me at all.

So here is some information.
1. I have a dog called Pooka.
2. She’s pretty good.
3. I am currently watching Doctor Who.
4. There is a 7 in my phone number.
5. Sometimes I offend people. I can usually predict who will be offended by me. I need to practice not offending those people when I know that the likelihood of such an event is high.
6. Even though it is kind of fun.
7. I don’t understand why people on tv, when confronted with a scary situation, then walk further into the situation to investigate. I think that is stupid and not something that most people would do. Get reinforcements dammit!
8. I’d like a USB microscope.
9. Today I did a suture in a person who was alive. AND they were alive after the event.
10. I think that artificial whipped cream is a travesty.

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