The window to my soul is my desk



The two photos above show some of what I cam across while cleaning up my desk the other day. There appear to be some themes…

1. I am a nerd. I have three different sorts of paperclips, including whale-shaped ones; and two of the paperclips found were bent into the “resetting electronic devices” configuration. And hands up who else has two or more space-related apps on their phone? (I have the paid version of SkyView and downloaded the NASA app tonight in case anything happens on Mars that I need to know about).

2. I don’t just have one of anything.
a) I can explain the pocket knives – the one on the left is my first Victorinox knife. I liked it very much. One of my favourite things was that it has a Philips head screw driver instead of a corkscrew. The middle one is the one I bought when I broke the scissors on the first one. I like the scissors. Sadly I couldn’t find a screw-driver model one for the replacement. Then I lose the replacement. So I bought the third one. The third one is the same as the first one but with a hacksaw as well. Oooooh hacksaw. Just in case I need to hack anything. Then I found the second one a few days ago.
b) The penlights – I found at least another three in my car the other day and there are several in my work bag. Penlights are things that nurses always have and I always borrow then forget to give back. This tends not to be an issue because nurses are usually privy to the knowledge of where to get NEW disposable penlights, so they just get a new one, and I carry the old one until I lose it. On my desk or in the car apparently.
c) The scissors. I like scissors. The left-most pair is my best pair of scissors. They are Kyocera brand with ceramic blades. Very sharp and fun. The second pair is my old set of Kyocera ceramic scissors. You will note that one of the blades is broken. A clumsy relative dropped them quite skillfully – it is very hard to break the blades by dropping. I don’t know where the third pair came from. The fourth pair is disposable scissors from a suture kit. The fifth pair is another Kyocera ceramic pair, sent to me by the Kyocera people when my relative dropped pair #2 and I was unable to find a replacement. They didn’t have access to the scissors I wanted, but were very kind and sent me that pair that they had floating around. I use them to trim Pooka’s beard/moustache/eyebrows. The sixth pair is Woolworths nail scissors that are inferior to Victorinox. The seventh pair is not shown as the relative that broke the second pair has borrowed/lost them.
d) Not shown is my stapler collection. I have four staplers. Maybe I’ll review them another time.

3. I like sharp cutting devices. Yes. That is true. I also like pens though, and paperclips!

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