I have made an observation

I have noticed that in the work car park, cars parked rear to curb tend to be driven by nurses whereas those parked front to curb tend to be driven by doctors.

This is interesting. I have never parked rear to curb and can’t work out why you would – it’s a lot more fuss and bother to get in, and you hold up traffic, AND reversing out of a parking spot is a lot simpler than reversing in.

Why is it so? Is this taught at nursing school between “Planning tea breaks 101” and “Where to buy those upside downsy watches from (advanced)”??

5 thoughts on “I have made an observation

  1. Jeez. Maybe it’s some kind of OCD thing, or maybe they do it so it’s easier (?!?!) to drive home after shifts end.

  2. I must admit I do conform to your observation. However, this is primarily because, in the (tiny) car park of one GP practice I worked for, if I drove the car straight into the space it was almost impossible to get it out again unless the cars either side of mine and opposite had gone first, so I kind of developed the habit. Plus I do think (in an admittedly slightly mad overactive imagination-y way) that if I was being chased by a mad axe-murderer, as long as I could get into the car I could make a quicker getaway.

    Other (nurse) colleagues of mine did comment on my penchant for reversing into spaces, which suggested that they may well be the exceptions that prove your rule.

  3. I learnt that cars are happier manoeuvring when the engine is warm. So reversing to park means you can drive straight out when the engine is cold and so put less strain on the engine.

  4. I think it’s so they can escape extra quick at the end of the day (ever seen a ward nurse hang around at the end of the day tidying up stuff???) They are out of there at end of shift on the dot. Junior doctors on the other hand have been flogged enough to know that we are never going to get out on time and that the extra 5 seconds involved in reversing is not going to make a difference. Also, by the time we leave, the carpark is semi-deserted, so less chance of crashing into cars parked stupidly in hospital carparks 😛

  5. Not a nurse, but possibly with some OCD tendencies 🙂 , I always goes rear in (unless signs direct me otherwise..). I tremble at the thought of holding up at a busy Yay, though given we’re on opposite sides of Sydney perhaps I have not…

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