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So with current global financial shenanigans, I have been reminded that the Australian dollar’s lofty place in the world currency market will not last forever (and who knows, may crash tomorrow). THEREFORE tonight I felt it was time to buy the very expensive textbook I’ve been thinking about for a while.

And, well, even though it’s free shipping and they don’t put all your books into a single package anyway, a trip to Book Depository is not complete with a single book… THEREFORE it was my duty to spend all the money I saved by going there in the first place.

Well! I was delighted to see that in the last five days some Stella Gibbons books have been republished. I only recently became acquainted with Stella Gibbons when Cold Comfort Farm was published in a $9.95 Penguin edition a couple of years ago. CCF (aside from being congestive cardiac failure) is a parody of the “agricultural romance” novels popular in the 1920s. It is freaking hilarious.

After reading CCF, I searched online for more Stella Gibbons and there wasn’t a whole lot around – Nightingale Wood was occasionally available although I didn’t get around to buying it, but not much else. Today I learned that there are (at least) two more CCF books (one not out yet), plus another novel called Starlight – these were only re-released in the last five days! So tonight I have ordered Conference at Cold Conference Farm, Starlight and Nightingale Wood. And I am eagerly awaiting Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm which will be released in a few months.

I also purchased An Anatomy of Addiction – a book about two bigwigs in medical history and their erm experiences with the new miracle drug of their time, cocaine. Sigmund Freud is well known enough. William Halsted doesn’t have quite the same household name status – he was a surgeon who was very important in the development of modern surgical practice – he was a big fan of sterile technique and the use of anaesthesia (I think most of us would agree that anaesthesia is a welcome component to the surgical process). Should be an interesting read.

Now we just play the waiting game and see how many days the deliveries will be spread over…

In other news, yesterday I finally took care of 18 months worth of shredding. I do not recommend saving your shredding for this long, particularly if you work in an area with a high volume of bits of paper requiring shredding. Oh if only backyard incinerators were still legal!

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  1. Wow, more Stella Gibbons?! I totally love Cold Comfort Farm and loved the first TV adaptation of it too. I shall be researching her straight away. Now you’ve done your 18 months of shredding, would you like to pop over to lovely London and do my 6 years filing? (so far no riots in my area, the kids are too rich to riot).

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