An adventure

mysterious structure view 1

So it appears that I have been a bit of a failure in the blogging department lately. Oh well. I am currently having a spot of annual leave. It’s not that I don’t like work, but I am so looking forward to retirement.

Today I went on an adventure to The Powerhouse Museum with a teacher friend who has Fridays off. We actually visited the Powerhouse a few weeks ago but ran out of time that day and missed a few things. And there are a few new exhibits since then anyway.

So. Of note today (not an exhaustive list):
1. The very large tower in the photo above. It is not a part of, or at all related to the museum apart from being on the way there from the station. I looked at it from all angles and was none the wiser. On google maps it appears to be hollow. A friend finally informed me this evening that it’s a smoke stack!. So there you go.

2. The magical grand piano with a floppy disc drive that records what you play and plays it back – not as a recording, it moves its own keys. I actually saw this on a school excursion ~12 years ago and at that time it was pretty amazing. We’re talking about the days when 2Mb was the inbox limit for most web-based mail, no-one had digital cameras and mp3 players were rare and primitive. So I was pretty excited that it’s still there, although it’s not giving demonstrations anymore.

3. Behold! A double flageolot! (on the right)


In other news, I bought a Xaphoon a few months ago. It is a fun instrument.

4. Space

The space exhibit is pretty cool. It has a zero gravity simulator which is a little trippy, lots of replica satellites and whatnot, some bits of space ships or launching things or something… space suits, an emergency pod thing (basically a metal ball that falls in the if things go wrong…), space food, videos where astronauts say stuff about astronauting….

5. Love Lace is part of the big design dealie they have going at the moment. It appears that lace has been redefined to mean “anything with holes in it”. Anyway, there are some interesting pieces there. The female urinary and reproductive systems made out of human hair was perhaps the most interesting…

There were many other notable things to see but I don’t want to overdo this blogging lark.

3 thoughts on “An adventure

  1. I am gobsmacked at the thought of the female urinary and reproductive systems made out of human hair. For some reason it reminds me of my friend who is a breast feeding counsellor. She asked an old lady she knew, to knit her a demonstration breast (according to a pattern sent to her by the La Leche League, I think). The old lady was keen not to be racist, so not knowing whether to knit a pink or brown breast, knitted it in green. I suppose it might come in useful if any Martians attended breast feeding classes…

  2. truthsign, I sometimes use a demonstration breast and would LOVE a green one, I can see my colleagues’ faces now! 🙂

    yay, it is fabulous to see you back, I hope you do overdo the blogging as you are so very good at it. Totally with you on the retirement thing.

  3. well now I”m feeling guilty 🙂 … and a bit jealous (we’re planning a powerhouse trip in December, to view the Harry Potter exhibition), and also glad to see you back 🙂

    and yes, the ladybits would probably raise a few eyebrows .. I’m trying to think why you would bother? and what do you say to people when you whip out your current work in progress in the lunchroom?

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