Spelling Bee

It appears that I have forgotten to blog for a while. So perhaps a spelling lesson is in order.

I have noticed recently that a couple of nurses are not aware that the spelling of bowl and bowel are… well… different.

This morning I learned that Mrs Gummy’s dentures were ill-fitting and she had left them in a bowel overnight.
This made me laugh. Might not have made Mrs Gummy laugh when it was time to put the dentures back in though.

3 thoughts on “Spelling Bee

  1. Came to this very late. To be honest, this particular nurse finds dentures quite gross enough even without them being placed overnight in a bowel.

    As if cleaning them wasn’t bad enough, I used to hate if you took teeth from one person and then all the other people in the bay took theirs out too to hand them to me! Like I’d know which one went with which patient! Urgh.

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