I’m very pleased to announce that I have found the back of the envelope with all the passwords to my life written on it. It was kind of under the floor rug. However it appears that I actually wrote the passwords on the front of the envelope. Luckily the passwords can still be accessed by turning over the envelope.

Very glad that I found it – there’s no way I would have guessed or remembered what I changed my computer password to. Which would be ok in most situations but apparently to reset the password on a Mac, you have to reboot the computer with the operating system disk in the drive. I have the disk. But for some reason my computer won’t read it (the disk can be read by my other computers and my computer can read other disks…), so I actually installed the current operating system from a copy of the disk that I borrowed from the guy at the shop where I bought the real one… anyway, that could have got messy.

In other news, if your urinary tract infection can be diagnosed from 20+ metres away by anyone with a nose… um… yes, it’s time to take some antibiotics.

2 thoughts on “success!

  1. Glad about the envelope. And very pleased that the technical act of turning it over has not proven to be insurmountable. These computer-related tasks can often be so jolly complicated, can’t they?

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