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Always back up your data

So the recent troubles with losing the envelope containing all the secrets of the universe have reminded me that backing stuff up is important.

Therefore I will be writing my passwords on another envelope and putting it in a Very Safe Place. In light of my lack of neatness, I may well write the passwords on a few envelopes and put them in a few Very Safe Places.

If anyone who knows where I live has an envelope that they feel would be suitable for the role of password keeper, please send it with a brief explanation of why you think your envelope is fit for such an honour. Applications close whenever I feel like it.


I’m very pleased to announce that I have found the back of the envelope with all the passwords to my life written on it. It was kind of under the floor rug. However it appears that I actually wrote the passwords on the front of the envelope. Luckily the passwords can still be accessed by turning over the envelope.

Very glad that I found it – there’s no way I would have guessed or remembered what I changed my computer password to. Which would be ok in most situations but apparently to reset the password on a Mac, you have to reboot the computer with the operating system disk in the drive. I have the disk. But for some reason my computer won’t read it (the disk can be read by my other computers and my computer can read other disks…), so I actually installed the current operating system from a copy of the disk that I borrowed from the guy at the shop where I bought the real one… anyway, that could have got messy.

In other news, if your urinary tract infection can be diagnosed from 20+ metres away by anyone with a nose… um… yes, it’s time to take some antibiotics.

a very long sentence

Don’t you hate it when in a moment of post-email-being-hacked panic you change all your passwords and write them on the back of an envelope due to this being probably the most secure place to store them and then some time later when trying to install new software on your computer you realise that you have no idea what the new password is for your computer and the envelope is nowhere to be seen due to your failure to deal with paperwork for the last few months…

At any rate it does seem that the back of an envelope is a very safe place to keep passwords.

Oh why must you mock me?

Some time ago, I had a very very very very irritating patient who frequently represented with the same condition then refused all treatment.

As I stood in her room explaining the options (a) accept treatment, b) go home), the patient said, in a threatening manner:

“Do you want me to NEVER COME BACK to this hospital?!!”

Um well, actually that would be really great. Let’s try it!

Terrible doctors I tell you

Patient: The doctors in this place are terrible! Always changing my medications! I usually take 400mg of Brainium Plus and they’re only giving me 200mg!!! And I always take my calcium three times a day and they’re only giving it to me once!! SO INCOMPETENT!

Yay: hmm well that sounds like it can be easily fixed. I’ll just get your notes to see what has happened.

Patient: Hah! RED TAPE BUREAUCRACY! It’s a joke!!

…. Yay potters off to get the notes… looks at the page in the admission papers saying “Medications”… the table is blank except for “See green sheets”… Yay flips through the folder to the green sheets. Ah! It’s the patient’s home-made medical record that he has lovingly put together with everything from the painful toenail when marooned on an island off the coast of Greenland to the time the aspirin fell down the toilet and the patient had to take paracetamol for his headache instead… and then the list of medications.

Yay: er.. sir the list of medications that you gave us indicates that you are taking 200mg of Brainium Plus and calcium once daily.

Patient: well I’ve been taking 400mg since last week and the calcium three times daily for two weeks!!

Yay: yes but doctors often have to rely on the patient to tell us how they take their medications…

Patient: but I gave them the list!!

lost: one hour

This is the first time I’ve been awake to see daylight saving commence. I’m pleased to report that my computer and phone both skipped from 1:59 to 3:00 unprompted. I am not pleased to be an hour more sleep-deprived than I’d planned.

In other news, tonight as I was driving home from work at 43 minutes past midnight, through the mist an ice cream van loomed into sight going in the opposite direction. I wonder where it had been… or was going…