Monthly Archives: June 2010

Paying for convenience. I like it.

A day like this is a day when you can be VERY HAPPY that it’s the day the dog walkers take the dog for her daily constitutional.

I’m fairly sure that Pooka and her buddies (2-3 labradors and a flat coated retriever who happens to look like a big version of Pooka) had a marvellous time in the council plunge pools. I got home probably about 3 hours after Pooka and she was still Rather Wet.

My annual leave finishes about now… back to work on Monday. I was a bit dejected at the prospect of a very long time without holidays but then I went to the dentist on Wednesday who said that I need to have my wisdom teeth out. That doesn’t sound like fun, but perhaps I will need a week of sick leave to recover… and perhaps I can organise it to coincide with my surgical term (the one where work starts at stupid o’clock in the morning… or finishes at stupid o’clock in the morning for that matter).

It’s not that I hate work. I just like being not at work too.