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I'm not quite sure what this is

This is a mystery item. Fairly sure it’s sugar-based.

My Green & Blacks microscopy is done for now – milk, white and Maya Gold have all been scoped. (if you click on the photo above you’ll get to my photostream eventually where white and Maya Gold can be viewed). I like how chocolate is all sparkly at 200x magnification. Very pretty. White chocolate is a bit more difficult to focus the microscope on.

The next phase of investigation will be into pens and their output. Maybe tomorrow…

A new toy

crust-region of bun 60x
This is an image of the crustal region of a Woolworths cinnamon bun.

So I have been on annual leave for a week now. I had quite a long to-do list. It’s somewhat shorter than it was, but there are items I suspect will not be completed (sorry teeth, no dentist for now).

But in other news, I bought a digital microscope last week. Sadly I had to return it to the shop because when it said that it worked with Mac OSX 10.5 and up, it didn’t mean 10.6 (or, more likely, computers made since Apple switched from Power PC to Intel chips). I told this tale of woe to a friend, who happens to be a primary school teacher. She took me on a late night adventure to her school where we liberated a microscope (one of many there) for me to use while finding my own.

So there’s quite an obvious difference in the microscopic appearance of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Green & Blacks milk chocolate:

cadbury dairy milk 60x

G&B milk 60x

Now accepting requests for photos of small things. Or small parts of big things.

cartoons imitate life

So yesterday I bought Pooka a splendid new collar.

I was amused last night, therefore, to view the Cyanide & Happiness cartoon of the day.

I have been joined in the bathroom by Pooka on many occasions. She seems to know when the door hasn’t properly shut…

Today is my graduation. Woo. Hurrah. Now I can work as a doctor…

In other news, I have now finished my second intern rotation. Only because it was my relieving term and I had to take 4 weeks of holidays. Holidays start tomorrow. Today is an ADO (accumulated day off – we are rostered for 40 hours/week and paid for 38 hours so every month we accumulate a day off).

Still haven’t worked out my holiday plans. The most pressing one is major cleaning. It was really cold here a couple of nights ago and I thought I would make the air con heat up my room. This very nearly didn’t happen because the remote control was “on my desk”…. somewhere…