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The request has been time out!


Our home internet connection is working today after more than three weeks of… er… not working. This has been annoying and expensive. My Blackberry has been good, but for things that work better on a proper computer I’ve been using a couple of pre-paid 3G modems (the USB stick ones). They’re on different phone networks, and I must say that my prejudice against the nation’s biggest phone company has not been lessened by my experiences with their 3G internet.

I tried their modem on the Windows XP desktop first. First go elicited a blue screen of death. Second go elicited a blue screen of death. Third go we got stuck on the loading screen.

Next on the Macbook – software installed ok. Then came the bit where we try to put money on the account. This took about 45 minutes, partly due to the terrible interface but mainly because of “the request has been time out!” again and again and again.

Eventually we won the right to put some credit on the account. Unfortunately you don’t actually know what you’re buying until you’ve bought it and can access the company’s web site to see that your $lots bought minimalMb.

In other news, I am glad that the ADSL2+ connection is going again. Very glad.

Yay’s School of Doctoring: Lesson 1

k plus

If your patient has a high potassium level (nb. This is bad), it is indeed a good thing to cease a medication that can raise potassium levels.

If the potassium level remains high, and you feel that the patient needs to go to hospital for management of this problem and your letter says “Dear hospital, Mrs X’s potassium is high despite me ceasing Z medication. Please help”, much mirth will ensue in the emergency department when it is noted that you did not cease the frigging POTASSIUM supplement.

Oh and failing to mention what the potassium level was in your letter or to provide a print-out of the results with the letter will also raise your doofus score.

Driving back in the olden days

This is Pooka in one of the council plunge pools in the bush. They function to stop the path from flooding. They also are a splendid size for dogs to paddle in. This illustration is not particularly relevant to the rest of the post.

So I’ve been driving my mother’s car a bit this week (I don’t think I blogged about the Incident involving my car and a mystery jerk who ran into it while I was at work SAVING LIVES….). It’s a Ford Festiva from the early 90s. There are several things I miss about my car:

1. Power steering. How can a 2 door hatchback be SO FREAKING HEAVY? It’s like steering a tank! Well I’ve never driven a tank. And maybe they have power steering these days…
2. Air conditioning.
3. Clear windows that don’t distort things. Someone who owned the car before my mother applied that tinting film to the windows. I think I can see why that stuff is not so popular. It sucks.
4. Volume/CD/radio controls on the steering wheel.
5. CD player
6. Rear passenger doors. Pooka has to get into the back seat via the boot. Luckily she’s very adaptable.
7. Central locking
8. Keyless entry

However, on my way to church tonight I was bemoaning the lack of CD player when I noticed that my brother has left one of those cassette-shaped dealies attached to a 3.5mm plug in the car. “Oh but woe is me I don’t have my iPod with me”

But then I remembered that my Blackberry syncs with iTunes and my Blackberry has a 3.5mm headphone jack. So I could listen to my music via the Blackberry and the cassette deck.

The point of this post is that those adaptor things are really very clever. I wonder who invented them.