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10 ways to make the Winter Olympics more interesting

1. What’s the deal with downhill skiers doing time trials? Why not send ’em down the mountain in batches? That would be far more entertaining.

2. Why do ice skaters have to all go in the same direction when racing?

3. And surely hurdles could be included.

4. Why are there only guns in the biathlon? I’m sure they could be accommodated in a number of other sports.

5. And the guns are only used on targets… paintballing other competitors would be far better for the competition.

6. Now I acknowledge that figure skating is very clever and grueling and whatnot. But if dance isn’t in the summer Olympics, I’m not convinced that figure skating has a place. But then I’m not sold on rhythmic gymnastics or synchronised swimming either…

7. And where are the toboggans?

8. Heh I just found an excellent example for suggestion 10 and now I can’t think of 8 or 9.

9. Oh well.

10. Roy and HG would make any events more entertaining even without any of the alterations suggested here.


These are cockatoos

The other day I arrived at work to find the main entry of the emergency department cordoned off with red and white tape… crime scene style.

” ‘ello ‘ello!” I thought “What’s going on ‘ere eh?”

Well it turns out that cockatoos (possibly even the ones shown above – hard to say) have been throwing rocks onto the glass roof above the main door. One of the panels of glass is all cracked and not looking so sturdy. I am fairly sure the same thing occurred towards the end of last year too. Perhaps we need to take out an AVO against the perpetrators or something.

hello world (warning: boring)

My internet (and phone) has been broken for the last week. This has been somewhat trying although not really a disaster. About three weeks ago you might recall I posted the equation for calculating my new phone number. The new phone number was attached to a BlackBerry Pearl. Which I mainly bought because I wanted a phone with wifi that didn’t cost $1000 so I was using it with my old sim card and not doing any BlackBerry stuff. Anyway, then there was the disaster with the closing phone company so I just switched to the new sim card and that came with a year of unlimited internet and email. So I haven’t been cut off from the world but I couldn’t be bothered to do many things…

My typing speed on the new toy is going very well – it’s a weird keyboard to get used to: QWERTY layout over 14 buttons. The predictive text is excellent and deals with unknown words far better than my Nokia did. After the first few days I was fine with it – speed and accuracy are definitely better than with the old phone. And when I use it for MSN messenger, suddenly it looks like I use capital letters and my words look lovely and polished!

Anyway, the phone company guy arrived today (a Sunday afternoon…) and did some tinkering around up the phone pole and at the thing up the street that does… stuff…. and fixed the phone. This got the internet back to how it was functioning before the phone died – ie. cutting out after a couple of minutes. So I fiddled around with cables and made the phone cable bypass the surge protector. This seems to have fixed the problem. Slightly concerning that it probably caused the problem in the first place however.


So I’m doing a spot of cooking – I’ve decided on Boston Baked Beans for dinner tonight. Highly recommended.

But anyway, sitting at the table chopping onions and browsing a few forums, it occurred to me that onions don’t make me cry anymore. Why is this? I can’t think when I last had eye troubles with onions but it was definitely more than 3 years ago.

Possible reasons:

1. I’m taller. This doesn’t apply for the current situation because I’m sitting at the table. Also I don’t think I’m any taller than I was 10 years ago. But certainly when I was shorter, I had more onion problems.

2. I’m better at peeling onions. My current technique I learned from a TV chef while I was meant to be studying for my HSC (year 12 exams). I think it has made a difference. Year 12 exams were 10 years ago too. This confounds matters somewhat.

3. Onions are less potent. I suppose that tomatoes are less potent than they were in the good old days… perhaps it’s somehow related to the rise of the seedless watermelon…

4. I wear contact lenses. Perhaps the onion vapour adsorbs onto the outside of the lenses…

5. My onion receptors have become insensitive or have been downregulated or something…


Speaking of addictions

It’s not just me. Pooka is worse! I can hear her out on the balcony dealing with a bone – it’s an enormous one (I think it might have been about 20cm either side of a cow’s elbow.. now it’s two bones…). She went to bed a few hours ago (it’s now 20 past 11), but there is much clonking of bone on deck.

Her other addiction/obsession is Air Kong Squeaker footballs. I bought her a new one on the weekend (I believe it’s her fourth. Actually I bought two because they’re sometimes hard to find). I was pleased to see that they’ve changed the design so that the squeaker is in a lower-pressure position (and hence less likely to get broken by enthusiastic dogs – I did write to Kong asking them to make their squeakers more durable. It seems that they have listened!).

This morning we went to the park and she chased the ball solidly for about half an hour. When she lay down with the ball in her mouth and wouldn’t get up again, I figured it was time to go home. We did another good half hour this afternoon. I confiscated the ball and gave her dinner to take her mind off it. Then when I was watching tv, she quietly entered the room with one of her BIG STINKY BONES and settled down on the carpet to have a snack. I ejected the bone from the house and she pottered into the laundry (where her food lives. Who knew that dogs can silently open plastic containers despite their lack of opposable thumbs?). She found the Air Kong Squeaker football! So then she ran around the house squeaking for another half an hour. I put her to bed… then the bone clunking started. Dad has reported bone-eating activity when he gets up for his 4:30am walks.

There will be squeaking footage to follow sometime.