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I have been playing an incredibly addictive game on the internet recently. Because I recognised its potential to devour all of my time, I have not bookmarked it. Have to go via google.

But I just noticed that it’s on my bookmarks toolbar (Firefox – ie. permanent button for the game on the screen all the time). I’m certain I didn’t put it there…

Sadly I cannot share the name of this game because some of my weaker readers may be unable to avoid the temptation (I’m lookin’ at you penguin!)

I must admit I find this development a bit disconcerting…

Communications update

New phone number is up and running – it is a different one again to the one I predicted last night. To calculate my new number, subtract 9205174 from my old number. I will send out a text at some point. The old number will still be active (although not in my pocket. Don’t expect instant service) for quite a while.

The horrors!

So my phone company is closing in July. This is creating a bit of a logistical problem. However the main issue is transferring my number.

See my phone company, let’s call it Bazza, was originally a subsidiary of a phone company called Wayne. Wayne sold Bazza to Trevor, a third company, however Trevor uses Wayne’s network, so Bazza is still kind of a part of Wayne… but kinda not.

Anyway, before I learned of Bazza’ss imminent demise, I bought a new phone – pre-paid, locked to Wayne’s network (and therefore compatible with Bazza’s sim card). I intended to keep using my existing company, but did try to activate the new sim card to utilise various data things that came with it. Unfortunately this sim didn’t work with the phone it came with. Not a huge drama. Until Trevor let me know that Bazza is shutting down. So I called Wayne to find out what the deal was. Wayne said “Oh… apparently there was a batch of those phones that were shipped with incompatible sim cards. No probs, they’ll send a new one! And yeah you can transfer your old number, no problems. Just call when it arrives.”

So the new card arrived today. I called Wayne. All went smoothly until Wayne wanted to know what network my old number was on.

“Well er it’s a Bazza sim card, which is on your network however Bazza was taken over by Trevor and is now shutting down and I don’t think anyone is there…”

Apparently the “porting officer” at Bazza needs to do something to make the number available for transfer….

So the future of my mobile number will depend on whether I can be bothered to go through whatever horrors are involved in this process.

An email just arrived from Trevor in response to my email to Bazza:

“An account was automatically created for you but you can’t login until your password has been set.”. It wants me to log-in and submit myself to their “service” department.

Looks like it’ll be a new number for me I think. I will keep both numbers running until Bazza bites the dust or my credit expires, whichever happens first.

My new number will probably = old number + 11032574. I’ll try to send texts to everyone, but I’m a bit scatty and have possibly lost numbers in phone changes in the past….

Takes two to cheat

This is the actual game referred to in this post.

So I was playing Wabble tonight. And I have an etiquette question regarding made-up words.

If you look in the bottom left quadrant of the game, you will see “JAILER”. This scored 42 points and put me ahead of my very able opponent. If you look closer you will see that for JAILER to be valid, LE has to be a word. Which it isn’t. In English at any rate.

Now in the rules of Scrabble, and in the online versions there are guidelines regarding situations where it is suspected that a player has made up a word. If you think your opponent has been creative you can challenge them. If you’re right, their word is removed and they miss their turn. If you’re wrong, they get their word and you miss your turn. If you think it’s not a word but you’re not sure enough to risk missing a turn over it, you can let it go.

The question: if you make up a word and are not challenged and then win the game, did you actually win the game or not? Or in other words, is making up words simply a strategy that can be used at the player’s discretion if they are willing to take the risk of being challenged?

If you look at the rest of the board you will see a number of other non-words. I “accepted” these “words” in the full knowledge that they were… not words… in an attempt to assuage my guilt about LE.

pieces of junk

Because of the air conditioning installation logistics, it was necessary for all of us to clean out our cupboards and for “under the house” to be cleared. This resulted in a large pile of stuff that was not going to fit in our small “general waste” bin. And even if we appropriated the neighbours’ bin while they were on holidays, it was still not going to work.

It was a pile of junk that screamed “COUNCIL CLEAN-UP!!” (Not sure what it’s called in the rest of the world but it’s when you get to put a big pile of junk on the footpath and the council comes to collect it)

Sadly our council has quite a complicated set of rules for their clean-ups and there are none scheduled for our area and junk types any time soon. My grandmother, on the other hand, is in a different council area with looser rules and a clean up this week. So last night the parents took a car-load of stuff over and piled it on the grandmother’s footpath.

This has provided a lot of excitement for my grandma today because she has been monitoring the piles up and down the street and seeing whose stuff is getting cherry-picked before the truck arrives. She called about an hour ago to say that something that we’d put there had been taken whereas a similar item put out by a neighbour remained. Much speculation resulted as to why our item was chosen and the other spurned.

She just called again to say that the whipper snipper (died only last week. Exquisite timing!) has gone. My mother thinks that this is a marvellous way to keep the grandmother occupied so perhaps we will have to start dumping junk over there on a regular basis.

Hmm I wonder if it would work on the other grandmother as well?

dog days

Disclosure: this photo was not taken today. However the dog and beach depicted are the same ones involved in the tale below

I took Pooka to the beach this morning. I think it’s like Valium for her. She’s been a bit irritable with other dogs lately, however at the beach we came across dozens of dogs and she was a model of good behaviour. I suspect as well as the beach effect, being at a place that’s not her usual territory helps.

We had a rough day yesterday. There were tradesmen installing air conditioning bits and pieces and they were working both inside and outside and had the side gates open. I had to be at home while they were there and had to keep Pooka out of their way (strange men carrying large objects in house = bad). This meant that Pooka and I spent the hours from 7:30am-2pm tethered together on a short lead in the dining room or the lounge room. If I’d known it was going to take that long, I would have gone out but they kept being “nearly finished” for quite a while.

At any rate, by the time they left we were both going mad. We stayed tethered for another hour (went for a walk to get the car) but even after the walk and some playing, she was kinda crazy until bed time.

Tonight there is no crazy dog, and she tolerated a shampoo/hose assault with very good grace (I think she might have rolled in something stinky when we got home…). A tired, happy and non-stinky dog is a marvellous thing.