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This is my tomato patch. It is fairly dog-proof. The back cage is Pooka’s crate – we don’t keep her in it, so may as well use it to keep her out. The front cage is a Yay original. The plants are much much bigger than when this was taken. I’ll have to take a new photo tomorrow.

My lamingtons

A rum ball on top of Mount Misery by Samuel Shem.

More rum balls

I am a domestic goddess

So I made my rum balls. Then I was left with the rest of the cake – I bought an unfilled sponge to make my stale cake crumbs, but only needed a small amount of it.


I used the icing recipe here.

They look and taste like real lamingtons so I am rather pleased.

Cooking cooking cooking

Good afternoon everyone. I am doing some cooking. First on the agenda is rum balls made to my grandmother’s recipe.

For those playing along at home, here’s the recipe

Rum Balls

250g butter, softened
500g icing sugar
4 Tbs cocoa
4 Tbs coconut
1/2 cup chopped sultanas
1/2 cup chopped almonds
1/2 cup stale cake crumbs
2 Tbs rum (I think I may use a bit more than this…)
Chocolate sprinkles*

Mix all ingredients except sprinkles, roll into balls (mine are about 1.5cm diameter), roll balls in sprinkles, put in the fridge to harden.

* I am not sure how well chocolate sprinkles translates to an international audience. The ones I’m referring to are cylindrical (ie. not spherical) and chocolate flavoured (not pure chocolate)… I use Dollarettes

Lazyball to the max

New video of Pooka playing lazyball… can’t post it here until the software dealio is upgraded but click here to see it.

The original is better – there’s a bit more definition to Pooka. But the essence of the game is there. And South Park in the background…

Yay’s Edict

For implementation world-wide asap

All persons wishing to obtain their motorbike licence must perform the following tasks without complaining:

1. Spend 6 hours in a c-spine collar on a hard emergency department bed.
2. Have cannulas put into both arms and bloods drawn by healthcare workers who look like they’re actually work experience students from year 10 at the local high school.


Last night on my way home from work I saw a new sign beside the road. It looked a little bit like the “Nuclear Free” council area signs. They make me giggle so I wished to see this sign in case it was similar.

In my distraction my car may have wandered within its lane a bit. Not out of the lane, but I suspect that there was potential for badness.

Anyway, I saw the sign. It was about the “Black Spot Program” – a road improvement program targeting areas with lots of road accidents.

Ah irony.