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the emergency diet (with complimentary pun)

A good thing about working in a place like emergency is that I can buy tasty foods that I like (for example Grain Waves sweet chilli chips and Allen’s Snakes Alive) and leave the open packets lying in a high-traffic area (eg. beside the computers that everyone uses for everything), and people will help me to not eat them all. Most people have no idea who left the food there, but all food left in such places is (rightly) presumed to be for communal eating. And not just by emergency staff. Any staff who happen to be passing through will partake of the common snack. Or snake as the case may be.

Wet weather medicine

[I have been alerted to the fact that some wibloggers may find photos of 8-legged patients traumatic. So if that is you, please stop reading now.]


So when it’s raining, the presentations in emergency departments change. During a term of rural emergency, I noticed that on sunny days there were tractor/horse-riding injuries and on rainy days there were spikes in shed injuries (ie. power tools).

Now I’m in a suburban emergency department and I’ve discovered that when it rains we get lots of these cute little critters showing up to triage in an assortment of containers – behold, funnel web spiders!:

This one arrived yesterday and was particularly feisty. It was delivered in a take-away food container and the very brave switchboard man transferred it into the jar while the UK-trained doctor and nurses squealed in horror

This one arrived today. It didn’t seem too angry

Apparently the reptile park up the coast collects them and milks them to make antivenom. I’m not entirely sure how this is done – I’ve seen snakes being milked for venom, and cows milked for milk…

I don’t know that it would occur to me to try and catch a deadly spider to take to the hospital. I would be more inclined to smack it with something very heavy…

Very well…

Here we can see a picture of one of the flowers on the passionfruit vine that the neighbours planted and that now gives our side of the fence a bountiful harvest with no effort required. I think this might be a male flower… it’s different to most of the others (click on the photo and it might take you to my photostream and you can see the others)

It has been noted by a very astute observer that I have failed in my wiblogging duty for more than a month. Perhaps when I said that I would post every day for a month I actually meant that I would not post any days for a month… that seems more accurate.

I can report that my CrackBook has been de-cracked. It has also had two OS upgrades. And although it was all shiny and new looking not so long ago, it not looks like it’s had a collision with a chocolate truck. They do show the dirt these CrackBooks.

In other news, I have 6 weeks and three days of uni left. I have decided that I want to be a GP. For a few reasons.
1. I want out of the hospital system!
2. I want to be relatively independent relatively early.
3. I like variety.
4. I like stabbing people.
5. I like GP working hours.
6. I want an office and a place to put my bag.
7. I like to know what happens next in the story…
8. I like cake.
9. Perhaps I will work in a practice that is a converted house and has a backyard for Pooka to play in. She’d like that.
10. I like the idea of having my own chair… hospital beds don’t have chairs next to them for doctors to sit in…

The End.