Monthly Archives: September 2009

some good injuries I’ve had

1. The time I fell over for no apparent reason at school and managed to trash my ankle for months.

2. Cut finger quite badly on a pair of tongs.

3. Mashed finger in bike chain.

4. Split chin open when I slipped on a rug while running to my brothers’ room to see older brother drop younger brother’s stuffed parrot out the window.

5. Sore thumb from putting stickers on prescriptions with too much enthusiasm.

6. Shuttlecock in the eye (not recommended)

7. Basketball in the face at high speed (in the school playground – I was not involved in the game and hence it was a bit of a surprise).

8. Enormous bruise/lump on back of head and chipped front tooth from fainting on the wooden floor at Brownies (incidentally, the faint was secondary to falling over and hurting my knee).

9. Painful tongue due to the older brother telling me to put my tongue on both terminals of a 9V battery when I was about 4.

and today, I can report a new candidate for #10. Sore hand from hosing Pooka using the poorly-designed trigger nozzle.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

So the clever boffins have done something clever and now there are loads of things to peruse.

In the time between moving from the old wibsite and now, the info on referrers in our stats was somewhat limited (but still marvellous! In case any boffins are reading…). Now we have returned to excellent referrers and search terms stats. The search terms bit was the one I missed the most.

Some excerpts…

* tales of variable yayness – good. This is appropriate
* winning mars bar codes – this would easily have been top of the list if everyone had used the same combination of words
* yay – this and variations on the theme is to be expected I suppose
* “nasal spray in my ear” – I am proud of this one
* pookles – naturally
* january to may 2009 current affairs (and many other current affairs searches) – if you want to know what’s happening, this is the place to go first
* when all disease is cured – I will be unemployed!
* eating red things – when I eat yogurt, I prefer it to be red fruit flavoured. The orange/yellow fruit chunks in yogurt are kinda gross.
* how to not walk again – there are MANY ways to achieve this
* mri reading materials – I believe it’s quite cramped and noisy in an MRI machine. Probably best to take something compact and easy to read… a Reader’s Digest perhaps.
* aching legs and fans
* it’s all under control
* baptism “white gown” dunked – actually I wore board shorts and a rash vest… the second time. Not sure about the first time, but that was a sprinkle not a dunking.
* llama allergy
* Auburn Baladna Pastry – is it still open? Very tasty!
* cling wrap dispenser
* how to preserve m&ms – why preserve them???
* lots of pooka yay photo – SURELY this person was looking for me!!
* picture of thumbs twiddling – definitely sounds like something that should be on the wibsite somewhere…
* xkcd forgetfulness
* WHEREISDOTCOM – I suggest trying… just sayin…
* why is there spirulina powder in smarties – because now they’re ALL NATURAL and look dull and boring!
* good electronics inventions
* lost acquaitances – actually it seems to be the “n” that is lost
* interesting fact about variable
* no adrenaline
* параболь – plus some searches for paraboli in English
* i need another weekend
* who is sleeping in my bed?
* snot is bright green – because of myeloperoxidase
* “mars bar” wrapper history
* unavoidable entropy – true that

I am writing a letter to my new sponsor child. I have just realised that my writing is foundation handwriting (my nemesis in primary school). Finally at 28 years I have mastered it! Well I’ve mastered the printing bit anyway – some of the joined up bits break the rules…