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Ah those crazy imperials

So in Australia we like the metric system. Well I like it. And nearly everyone uses it. Except in certain sayings/phrases such as “I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole” or “the traffic is inching along”.

An exception to this is in science/medical settings where we often like to talk in moles (Avagadro’s number and all that) rather than grams. This makes sense because it’s more sensible to talk about chemical reactions by number of atoms/molecules because those are the numbers that have meaning in chemical equations (and what the periodic table is based on). Luckily we can use n=m/M to convert between moles and grams. Phew.

In America they use the imperial system most of the time. Except when they don’t. Again the medical/science setting is the exception. But what is interesting is that in places where we use molar values for things (eg. blood glucose and cholesterol levels), they use mg/mL or mg/dL or some other metrically-derived unit. And although drinks are sold by fl oz or gallon, IV fluids or other injections are in ccs. Now we use mL or L here because we’re all metric you see. But despite the different name, a cc is but a mL.

If we rearrange the equation, we find that cc/L = m, therefore 1000cc/L = 1km.

The End.

Progress already!

The people at the repair place have emailed and said they can replace it for free and a one night hospital admission will probably be required.

Meanwhile the NonSteri-Strips are holding up well.

dragonfly your new one shouldn’t break – apparently Apple changed the bit that breaks in newer models. And indeed I will get the new improved bit too I believe.

In other news, Pooka is annoyed because I am home but not taking her for a walk. This is because I would like to finish my stupid ethics essay before lectures today so I don’t have to make a special trip to Mothership Hospital to deliver it on Friday.

Join the club

So last night I became a member of The Club.

To be in the club you have to have a macbook with a crack in its casing but still like your mac and not want to get a new computer. I asked Dr Google which glue I should use to fix the problem and came across this flickr group.

In the group there is a picture matching my defect perfectly:

I discovered that Apple has been replacing the panel on all these CrackBooks. So I thought I would just do some first aid until I go to the repair place. Couldn’t find the sticky tape but the first aid box yielded some Steri*-Strips…

first aid

I think it looks quite good. I am fairly sure I could get the edges to appose even better but I can’t be bothered.

What? Ethics essay due tomorrow? Don’t know what you’re talking about! There is no relationship between ethics essay due-ness and blogging frequency!

* Astute readers may notice that the “Steri” part of Steri-Strips is somewhat lacking. For repairing computers, it is ok to use NonSteri-Strips that have been sitting in the cupboard in an open packet for a few years…

Has this happened to U2?

Half an hour ago I plugged my headphones in to drown out the tv noise (I think it’s car racing) so that I could write my stinkin’ ethics essay. I opened iTunes and thought I would shuffle my playlist. So I hit shuffle a few times to make sure it was well and truly shuffled. Then I pressed play.

I just realised that a song seemed to be playing for a long time. And hence noticed that I had clicked on the “Repeat” button as well. So I’ve been listening to the same song for half an hour…

and it was….

…. drumroll….

Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of


a treat?

Good evening everyone, what a treat I have for you all!

Heh sadly that line came out before I had thought of a treat… hmmm don’t have any new photos… or jokes… well I do have one but only a small population would understand it and think I am crude. The rest of you would just think I am very crude.

Oh I can tell a story. I am reading The Plague by Albert Camus at the moment. I started last week, but have been reading a few other things simultaneously so I’m still only halfway through. Anyway, a couple of days ago I saw that there is an outbreak of plague in China and the town involved is in quarantine. Although the book is not set in China, it is still rather INTERESTING that this plague outbreak coincides with my reading on the topic.

I had better be careful with my book choices in future. Might steer clear of nuclear holocaust books….