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Mad dogs and all that

I have recently been introduced to Book Depository. I find the free delivery thing rather odd. Particularly as they sent the two items that arrived today as separate packages.

But anyway, one of the items I ordered was a new paperback bible – an English Standard Version (ESV – aka Eastern Suburbs Version) in fact. My old one is missing some books and all of the concordance after N. When I examined it I noticed that it says “Anglicized Version” on the front. I am fairly sure that the anglicised version of anglicize is anglicise.

I tested this theory using Dr Google: when I typed in anglicise, there was no highlighted definition link, and 44K results; whereas anglicize has a definition link but only 33K results.

All a bit strange really. Perhaps it’s nothing to do with spelling but has Jesus drinking tea and saying “Tally ho old chaps!” or something…

Don’t worry everyone, Book Depository is fixed now.

Edit 1: No it’s broken again

Edit 2: actually it’s fixed but now it’s .com not I wonder why they don’t redirect traffic from the uk address…

more broken stuff

So apparently I broke the book depository very well. Sorry everyone. It is still functioning. It just doesn’t look pretty.

I was just at a very large shopping centre which seemed to be having problems… first I went to Medicare to get some dollars. This involves taking a ticket and waiting. If there’s a big wait I usually go to Borders (next door) and browse, checking back every once in a while to see how I’m going in the queue.

This morning I had ticket A244. The queue was up to A220 and there were quite a few people working. Although there are also different letters in the same queue (it was up to J812), most people have an A number so it wasn’t going to be a mammoth wait and I had a book to read. I find it quite interesting that in the last month or so this Medicare office has installed a person to stand next to the ticket machine and… er… well…. I’m not entirely sure of her job description, but I saw that she pushed the “Medicare Refund” button on the touch screen and passed the ticket from the machine to the person ahead of me. Then she started explaining something to that person so I did a swift overtaking move, took my own ticket from the machine and retired to a seat with The Plague and A244.

All was going swimmingly until they got up to A240. The computers all crashed, including the number machines. An optimist working there started yelling out the next numbers and telling people which desk to go to, however as those computers were not working either this was not effective.

An actual queue formed at the door as people waited to get a number from the machine. A lady came out of the office and asked everyone what number they got up to. Unfortunately half the people said 267 and half said 243. This is because 243 was where the front of the queue was up to and 267 is what the ticket machine was up to. I think she wanted to know the 267 figure. But I was a bit concerned that she would rewind the machine to 243, thus generating TWO ticket 244s. That would mean I’d have to beat the opposition to the counter! Tickets do have the time of issue on them but I was still concerned.

When I eventually left Medicare the fire alarm started sounding. After every few BEEEEEEEEPs a voice would say something. I couldn’t hear what it was saying because it’s a rather loud environment. Eventually I got to a quiet place and could hear that the last part of the message was “await further instruction”. I could see no smoke so continued on my way, down to the bottom floor. There I came across a security guy leaning on the wall – he seemed to be wrestling with it…. that was odd. Then I saw that it was the automatic fire door trying to close across the thoroughfare and he had been assigned the duty of keeping it open.

I can’t decide if I’d prefer to be a ticket passer or a door wrestler.

broken things

So I just broke and now it’s showing up as the plain white messy unformatted thing. So I deleted all my cookies and whatnot and it’s still broken!! Then I tried opening it in Safari instead of Firefox and it still didn’t work!

I am not concerned about this because such problems normally resolve after a good night’s sleep. But it is odd…

In other news I bought a new pocket knife because the scissors on my old one broke and they are the main thing I use. I happened to be passing a trophy shop this evening and I saw that they had Victorinox knives AND they were on special. My old knife was not available – it has two blades, a stabber thing, a bottle opener, a can opener, Phillips head screwdriver, the other type of screwdriver and a hook thing (don’t know what it’s for…). My new one is like my old one but due to them running out of the one I wanted (same as current one but with clear red and a corkscrew instead of Phillips head – the screwdriver is more useful) so they sold me the next one up for $5 more. The main difference is that it has a very wicked looking hacksaw.

Just in case I want to hack someone’s arm off.

And I wasn’t asked for ID. This means that I look over 16. At my mother’s birthday party I was asked for ID to prove that I was over 18. This means I must look 17.

night time hijinks

Good evening,

I have returned home from student quarters. It was convenient being there but I’d had enough of eating microwave food and I wanted to see Pooka. Just means I have to drive to the hospital tomorrow. Which is fine. That is not the reason for my lack of wiblogging by the way. I had plentiful internet with my wireless broadband usb stick. I just didn’t have much to say.

Last night the fire alarm in the student quarters went off. I was half expecting it because I could hear one somewhere else and figured that there was some sort of fault due to the lack of activity/interest generated by it.

So when ours started (just outside my room in fact), I ambled out to the corridor and looked for a fire. I could see no fire, but I found two fellow students who also had not found a fire. We went downstairs and out into the corridor that heads to the main foyer to escape from the noise. Again, there was no activity outside that indicated any official concern about a fire. We wandered down to the security office to check that there wasn’t a fire and they said that they didn’t think so but the fire brigade had to come before the alarm could be turned off.

We went back to the quarters – one student went to bed. I went to get my contact lenses (nothing like having all your belongings burnt to a crisp and not being able to see) then pottered back downstairs. I met the fire brigade and a security guard emerging from the on-call rooms and they didn’t seem to think my lack of rush was cause for concern.

I followed them out to the corridor and joined my fellow students. The brigade and guard strolled towards the ward where the other alarm was being alarmed. Shortly after this the noise ceased and we all went back to bed. I was very tempted to bang on the door and yell “DON’T WORRY! THERE’S NO FIRE!!” for the benefit of the student who had returned to bed. But I didn’t.

The End.

Y’know, one of the best things about having a dog is the overjoyed welcome you get when you come home. The one I got today after living at the hospital for a week was spectacular but even being out for an hour scores a whole lotta love.