Monthly Archives: June 2009

I have sore feet.

mid-level space occupation
Ahhh Pookus was only 6 months old when this photo was taken!

Today I walked 11,000 steps during my 12 hours at work.

We got hammered again by too many people and lots of complicated people. Not interesting complicated, just complicated in administrative ways. Although I did diagnose llama allergy for the first time ever.

Then, when we were on the home stretch, less than an hour to go, a kid puked on the new carpet. Thrice.

Then I found that the Green & Blacks white chocolate had expired three weeks ago and I felt that cleaning up spew deserved expired G&B.

But I think I would have preferred to just not have to deal with that.

The End.

words words words

I don’t like it when people say “thank you for your patience” when running late. That implies that I waited patiently. I may well have been waiting with great impatience.

I also don’t like “kind regards” at the end of emails. Particularly when they are emails berating the receiver(s) for something or other. The “kind” bit sends the sign-off into passive-aggressive land.

The End.

“I did not say to walk again! SIT YOUR DOG!”

These are cockatoos
These are not magpies. But Pooka likes chasing cockatoos as well. Sadly these are not Major Mitchell cockatoos. That would make it a great photo.

Going for walks in the rain can cause suffering. Obedience training does cause suffering. Obedience in the rain is just TOO MUCH.

So we went with just a walk. Pooka kept the oval clear of magpies. She’s not very good at stealthy though. She can sometimes pull off creeping up to fairly close, but usually just belts along with a squeaker ball in her mouth.

Which is a good thing really. I don’t want to have to deal with peck wounds or injured magpies.

It’s very puzzling

I have decided to work on my jigsaw pile. Tonight I commenced Wasgij #1. I have three Wasgijs in the pile – I thought I may as well do them in numerical order. After the Wasgijs there is a photomosaic puzzle of a world map. It is going to be nearly impossible I suspect.

Progress tonight – all side/corner pieces have been isolated and placed in position. Some clustering of other pieces with those of like colour/pattern. And I have identified some FLP*s.

Can’t be bothered to take a photo tonight but just picture a rectangle of puzzle pieces with some sky at the top and some green bits and some other things.

* Funny Looking Pieces

it’s a long weekend

I failed on my challenge yesterday because I had nothing to say.

But today I can tell you that I have just given Pooka a bath and she is outside complaining that she can’t come in. It is cruel – why would I not want a wet dog snuggled up on my bed with me?

I was thinking of doing some plasticine work this afternoon. What should I build?

I am also pondering what to do with the enormous pile of clothes on my floor. It is not that there are lots of items of clothing, they are just bulky things (jumpers and stuff). Looking at my cupboard does not fill me with hope that they will fit. My clothing storage area is really very small. I utilise my exercise bike quite well for this purpose (thanks JtL – good tip!) but at some point I would like to use said bike for exercise and need the handlebars to be available and preferably the thing that tells me about how my 4 hours of riding just burned up the calories in half an apple.

I have plenty of bookcase space – 2 4×4 Expedit bookcases (ask google what they look like. If you’ve ever built one, you’ll know the name well)… would it be socially acceptable to fold and stack jumpers in a bookcase compartment? I don’t know.

all disease has been cured

There’s a bit of a deficiency of sick children this week.

Which is good for the children I suppose…. but it makes the life of the medical student a bit dull.

I don’t suppose many patients consider that when they walk into a hospital they are actually transforming into a learning resource… particularly if they’re “interesting”.

I suppose it’ll pick up now that I’m safely at home. But I’m ok with that because I’m at home.