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The greatest umbrella in the world


Man approaches counter with 2 children and fancy umbrella. The umbrella stand at the front of the pharmacy has a wide selection of umbrellas in various styles with a wide range of pricing, from $10-$50

“So uh I was wondering if you could help me out?”
“Well this umbrella is $37…”
“That is quite steep for an umbrella”
“So? I mean it’s quite a lot of money. For an umbrella”

Your turn!


When I said I’d blog every day of this rotation, do you think that meant weekends included? I mean, there is no uni scheduled for weekends. So surely they don’t count.

I saw some splendid examples of terrible driving on my way home today. I wish I had the authority to issue… punishments for poor driving. That would be satisfying. And probably save lives.


I borrowed three books from the library today. I’d been meaning to all week, but I have spent all week being lost and it was all a bit too hard.

Apparently the hospital was designed by five architects… in five different sections… the aim of this exercise was to make the hospital appear “non-institutional”. Which is all very well and good but I think there is a benefit to the “institutional” architectural style in that it is FUNCTIONAL and PREDICTABLE. And you can FIND PLACES!!!

Which would you rather have down your throat?


We had a SCORPIO today. I’m not quite sure what SCORPIO stands for, but it involves moving through different stations with things to learn. Today there were some life support stations and a few others.

In one of the rooms the tutor was Canadian. She explained how when you are intubating an infant, it is good to insert the stylet into your tube and bend the end so that it looks like a hockey stick. She looked nervous as she said this, and told us that she was always worried that she’d be lynched by people who say that “hockey” refers to the game played on either grass or synthetic grass. When she says hockey she means the game played on ice. Which we call ice hockey. Anyway, this is important because the sticks used in these two forms of hockey are quite different. Being Canadian she cannot say “ice hockey” because there is no such thing – “hockey” means “hockey played on ice”. Hence she has to say hockey and then cower.

Luckily in my group of 6 students there were three Canadians and one American. And two of us who don’t really care what the game is called (although I maintain that hockey was originally played on grass and hence the term without any playing-medium qualifier refers to hockey played on grass).

The Sick Child

There she is, sitting in the waiting room in the Emergency department, protective towel in place, V bag clasped in one hand, chicken nugget in the other.

Why not put the chicken nugget straight into the bag?

It hasn’t started yet

My challenge is yet to begin due to there still being some hours before Monday. I wonder if two posts on one day counteracts a missed day?

Anyway I have no stories about foreign bodies yet, however I can announce that Pooka has been pronounced “almost ready” for second grade at obedience training.

Pookles the wonder dog


So I just did something that would have been unthinkable a year ago. I sat on the floor eating my dinner while watching tv, while my dog watched.

Yes. She did “down” and “stay” while I ate steak. No mechanical restraint required. I did notice that her head was getting closer as my meal progressed… and there was less than 30cm separating snout and plate by the time I finished. But she did very well!


So who thinks that I can blog every* day during my 7-8 week paeds term?

Cast your votes! And any bits you would like added to my challenge. Details will be worked out by the end of Sunday.

[*surely weekends don’t count as much as the other days…]