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go on, have a punt!

So who thinks I’ll make it to the sunrise service tomorrow morning? It starts at 6, half an hour away from home..

All will be revealed tomorrow. I can’t give it away now because I don’t know the answer yet.

brain failure

So the other day I had what I thought was a major brain failure. I was driving to the hospital, and waiting at the intersection where I turn right. There is usually a green light with a red right-turn arrow, and after about 30 seconds, the red light goes off, and I can turn if there’s a gap in traffic.

On this occasion, I was stopped at the red arrow, and the cars in the other direction had all passed, so I turned the corner. As I was driving out of the intersection I looked in my rear vision mirror and the car behind me wasn’t following. That seemed a bit odd as the driver had been impatient a few minutes earlier. Then suddenly I had a picture in my head of the traffic lights and the arrow was still red!

OH NO! I’d broken the law! How did I not see that? I drive there every day – I’d been waiting a while! The red arrow is usually gone by that time!

This was all a bit of a worry, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Then today my brother and I were going to the shops and I was describing my brush with the rebellion as we approached the intersection. The light was green with a red arrow and I said “see! That’s what it was like! And for some reason I missed it!”

As I said that, a gap in traffic appeared and the two cars waiting to turn both turned, just to illustrate my point.

Turns out that they’ve changed the traffic light sequence and the red arrow now remains red unless the lights for the other direction are red.

That’s a bit of a relief.

spirulina powder!!!!!

[extract from tirade on msn]

Yay says: (9:49:57 PM)
it’s a slippery slope!!!!
Yay says: (9:50:00 PM)
first fanta!
Yay says: (9:50:02 PM)
now smarties!
KT says: (9:50:10 PM)
what have they done to smarties?
Yay says: (9:50:14 PM)
and I SAW the fanta at the supermarket – old bottle next to new bottle
Yay says: (9:50:16 PM)
KT says: (9:50:28 PM)
Yay says: (9:50:31 PM)
and if it’s all natural now, why have they reduced the orange content from 5% to 2.1%?
Yay says: (9:51:59 PM)
smarties “no artificial colours or flavours” – there is SPIRULINA POWDER in my Smarties and their colours are dull and the shape is flatter than before! They have taken the juiciness out of Smarties!

a dark day for Fanta

Good afternoon,

I think the recipe for Fanta has been changed. This saddens me. It used to be 5% fruit juice and now it is only 2.1%. It tastes different. This MAY have been because I drank it out of a can rather than a bottle, but I’m fairly sure that someone has been buggering around with the formula.

a sturdy beast

My macbook has been jumped on three times this week by a certain black hairy thing, and it has lived to tell the tale. I am impressed. Although trying to avoid such things happening in the future. I suspect it is not infinitely sturdier than a 20+kg dog.