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who’s been sleeping on my bed?

I think it’s rather nice having a medium-sized black dog stretched out on my bed dozing peacefully. She actually looks quite big from this angle, but she can also look quite small if she sits and looks hungry.

Pooka doesn’t sleep on my bed overnight. She sleeps outside in fact, but has never complained about it so I ignore the people at the dog park who think I am cruel and heartless. Pooka is a dog. Dogs eat and do disgusting things, they have fur, they are fine to live outside. I think she likes sleeping outside because she can potter around, go to the toilet, chase possums… and when I say “bedtime!” she bolts outside (which is clearly not because she gets a bedtime snack/bribe or anything….).

In other news, I am in my second week of psychiatry and am enjoying it. Perhaps I’ll be a psychiatrist. Who knows?

Pooka unplugged

I often wonder what would happen if I left Pooka inside all day. Well, there are two different scenarios. If I was being deliberate in allowing her inside while everyone was out, I would close the laundry door (blocking access to her food) and the hall door (blocking access to the bedrooms) so she would really only have the run of the dining room and the lounge room… and the kitchen. Those rooms have been fairly well dog-proofed, as long as she doesn’t take up chewing on cables. In this situation I would leave the balcony door propped open so she had access to the backyard for toileting purposes.

If, on the other hand, she pushed the door open and invited herself in… doors would not necessarily be closed. The laundry door would almost definitely not be. The hall door would probably be open. And the balcony door would shut behind her and she would not be able to get out. I wonder where she would lounge if there was no-one home? When I am home she likes to keep me in view plus others if possible. If I’m not, she will try to watch as many people from one spot as she can.

She may lie on the parents’ bed because a) she isn’t allowed to do that and finds it quite comfortable and b) she can look out the front window. She quite likes the brother’s bed too. She sometimes lies on my bed depending on her mood. But she also often uses her bed in the dining room (sheepskin mattress… probably not real sheep though) because she likes it.

I imagine that all the bins would be thoroughly investigated. If the shower door was open, she would drink from the bucket in there. Otherwise I’m afraid she would drink from the toilet (which, not surprisingly, would definitely not have the lid down… probably the seat either).

I always wonder how much food she would eat if presented with her 4kg tub of dry food and no audience. I’ve heard the stories about someone’s friend’s neighbour’s dog that kept eating and eating until it died because it couldn’t stop and it exploded. Having seen retrievers and labradors eat and try to get food and look hungry and salivate at the sound of the fridge opening, I can imagine it happening. And Pooka definitely has the insatiable retriever gene. She doesn’t have the lying in puddles gene that labradors get though…

Has anyone ever observed this situation – a dog with an unrestricted food pile?

very fitting

At church tonight, I realised that my congregation are a bunch of clapping anarchists. At my previous church, when people clapped they all clapped the same – there were specific clapping rhythms for various songs. At my new church, if people clap they clap all over the place however the hell they feel like – in time, out of time, same as someone on the other side of the room, on the beat, off the beat…. Or not at all, as the case may be. I like that.

I do not clap. In case anyone was concerned. But some people like clapping.

gambling woes

My teams are doing abominably!!! So far only one has won (from five games) and there are three games still to finish. Two are in progress (my teams are losing both) and one hasn’t started yet.

What a disaster!

My Perky Nanas are very good though.

oh dear

My NRL tipping competition picks are not doing very well this week!

It might help if I were somewhat familiar with the various rugby league teams…

new experiences

Today I had a McDonalds strawberry thickshake for the second time in my life. The first time was when I was about 11, and someone else had ordered it for me. I don’t remember if I liked it or not. But today I thought I would try one again to see if I liked it.

It was really quite tasty. Quite similar in tastiness to a chocolate shake actually.

I have bought my couverture chocolate, now have to psych myself up to temper it. Whatever that is.

progress report

So the first trial of Perky Nanas went ok. The marshmallow bit was encouraging – it was banana-flavoured and marshmallowy. It needs to be chewier and a bit more banana-flavoured. This is easy to achieve – just add more bananas and gelatine. I suppose. I am not sure if this will also make it a bit denser, but I hope it will. Next time I think I may substitute the melted banana mix for some of the water that goes in with the gelatine.

The chocolate coating is a bit of a problem. Cooking chocolate won’t work – melting point is too low. I tried regular dark chocolate yesterday and it was still too melty. I have a suspicion that I’ll need to use couverture chocolate. But I’m not quite sure because I’ve never used it before and don’t know if will do what I want it to. Also I need to get some from somewhere. Preferably by tomorrow because my holidays end on Sunday and I have to do something with my half tray of yellow marshmallow stuff before then…

Not quite ready to post a recipe yet as there is still a reasonable amount of refining to do.

international cuisine

I am making Perky Nana bars. I am not sure if I have much of a Kiwi readership (Dee doesn’t count – she’s a citizen now), so may have to explain the Perky Nana. Basically a chewy banana-flavoured marshmallow filling covered in chocolate. So good.

So far I have dissolved/melted banana lollies, made a 2:1 sugar:water syrup, added a good lot of gelatine, mixed in my melted banana mix, cooled to room temperature and spread into container. Now I am waiting…

Perhaps I’ll post the recipe if it works. Photos should be available.

Now Pooka and I are playing lazy ball and watching Total Drama Island.

oh yes, the schnauzer

Well, there were a few hours of barking (at one point Pooka was at the balcony door barking and the other dog was at the back door barking – they both wanted to come inside, but that would not have stopped any barking AND the schnauzer was not very house-trained it seemed… or just liked widdling on things) and no doubt gaining bad “neighbour points” (actually our neighbours are great). I gave Pooka an early breakfast, then took her inside and gave the other dog some breakfast. Quietness descended for a few minutes, then started again. I went back to bed and was half asleep. At some point, a barking Pooka was deposited in my room for a while. At 8:30, my mother rang the council to send out the dog man. I took Pooka to the park. Came home and the dog catcher was there, he scanned the dog for a microchip then took it off to find its home. And he liked Pooka 😀

A while later, the dog man called to say that the dog was a repeat escaper (apparently there’s a hole in the fence that the owners know about), and the owners would be fined for that (“public nuisance”), plus for the dog not having a collar/tag on, and because the dog was not well cared for. Apparently this last charge was partly based on the dog being dirty when picked up by the council man. Mum did point out that this was probably because Pooka had been rolling it in the dirt, but I think there must have been other reasons.

Then we all lived happily ever after except everyone was very tired yesterday, except Dad because he always gets up at stupid o’clock to go walking and find dogs.

Ah tv makes me laugh

So on the ABC during the afternoon kids’ show time, there are two consecutive programs that are beautifully scheduled. The first is called Escape From Scorpion Island. It is a reality show where kids are in teams and do various things and I haven’t actually watched it, but they’re all very intense and want to win. Don’t know what they win…

The second show is called Total Drama Island. It’s a cartoon about a reality show, where kids are sent to an island to do various challenges, and basically is mocking reality tv shows, particularly those involving kids on an island.

Well I laughed.