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The eagle has landed

I have returned.

In my absence, a letter arrived for me from World Vision. My sponsor child has graduated from the program (she turned 18 last April and moved out of home some time last year) so they gave me a new one. How about that then? She’s from the Philippines (like my other one) and is turning 10 this year.

It did kind of amuse me that they asked if I would consider the new kid, then said “PS. for convenience we’ve already transferred your details to your new kid” (or something like that). Which is fine really because I would take a while to get around to doing it myself.

the end of an era

I’m going home tomorrow 😀

Actually it’s kinda sad – it takes a couple of weeks to settle in to a new hospital and department, and then once you’re all comfortable, it’s time to go home.

My leaving gesture is to donate the (computer) mouse that I have just replaced to the emergency department. One of their mice is one with a ball (!!!!) and no scroll wheel. The mouse I have replaced is optical, with scroll wheel. The button under the scroll wheel is not very functional but the wheel itself works. And the main function of a scroll wheel button is to open new tabs in tabbed browsers – this is not a problem as the hospital doesn’t have any tabbed browsers installed.

Perhaps I should engrave it…


Merry Wednesday everyone!

It is indeed a merry day because I have liberated my car from the carpark at the apartments. See apparently an email went out to say that the end of the driveway was being fixed on Monday and Tuesday. Sadly, because I don’t go to the uni that owns the apartments, I was not sent this email. So my car was trapped in the carpark.

The driveway is still not open for business but a nice man who’s doing work on it said I could drive my car out while he was there (to make sure I didn’t sink I suppose) so now my car is out and I am free to resume my reign of terror.

So I’ve had two days off hospital work because of this. It is likely that I could have got a lift. But a holiday was also nice. I’ve finished reading The History of Christianity (obviously it wasn’t exhaustive, but it was a good 500 pages… some read more thoroughly than others) and have started packing my things up and am VERY EXCITED because I get to go home in three sleeps. I have also done the bits of my sudoku book that don’t involve trying one of two possible paths to see which one works. See I could finish all the puzzles, but I prefer the bits that require brainism, not trial and error. And with the hardest ones you always hit a trial and error patch. This annoys me.

I plan to go and buy some lunch before I go to the hospital. I fancy some fruit. Haven’t had any since Monday. And some other things… something with a vegetable in it might be nice too.


How do ants move so fast? I can’t be bothered to ask google whether anyone has calculated how fast an ant would move if it were human sized. Google is more work on a slow connection.

The weather has heated up again, but the ants have not yet emerged in force. I left some watermelon rind on a plate on the bench all day and it remains untouched. Perhaps it takes them a few days to warm up. Maybe they’re like little reptiles and they hibernate on cold days.

Did you know that the thing that makes ants taste bad is formic acid? And the sensation of ants crawling all over you (occurs in withdrawal from some substances) is called formication? I find that to be an amusing medical word. Another funny word is infarct.


It’s raining and (relatively) cold today. There is not an ant to be seen. Where are they? It’s not like it’s raining in here. I even left the chopping board (with rockmelon juice on it) on the bench last night. They would have been out in force last week. Are they all watching the West Wing and eating raisin toast?

That is what I may do today until evening shift starts at 3.

Oy! Plane-makers listen!

So I was just watching the West Wing episode where Airforce One can’t land because the light that says the landing gear is down didn’t go on and hence they had to wait for an F-16 to go and look at the plane to see if the landing gear wasn’t down or if the light was broken.

I have seen this scenario on Aircrash Investigation. In one crash, which occurred in the early days of autopilot, a plane crashed because all the flight crew were hunting around to work out if the light was broken or if the landing gear was broken and the captain had kicked the autopilot button with his foot and the altitude kept dropping and no-one paid attention to the beeping.

ANYWAY, why can’t there be three lights? The first would be “landing gear up”, the second would be “landing gear down” and the third would be “landing gear down and yellow parrot puppet disengaged” or something. The third light would be independent of the second and would indicate that some arbitrary event has occurred – an event that is unnecessary for the plane to land safely, but that relies on the landing gear being in position to occur.

This system is not foolproof, however if the “landing gear down” light fails, there is a good chance that the “landing gear down AND yellow parrot puppet disengaged” light will still function. And if the “landing gear up” light never comes on in the first place… well… that’s a bit of a problem… but not as big a problem as not knowing if the landing gear is down when one wishes to land.

After all, it’s hard to find F-16s for every plane in anywhere in the world. Well, I’ve never attempted to find one at short notice, but I IMAGINE there may be difficulties finding one in many areas.


Bold and the Beautiful is on in the background – I am really not watching, just waiting for 5 o’clock to arrive. I just heard (?) Stephanie say “Well SOMEONE deleted the podcast!”

I always thought that nothing ever happened in B&tB. But clearly it does! They’ve discovered the internet!

And the rest?

I was just at a place that sells meat (not a butcher or a supermarket… it’s… sort of… a strange shop) and noticed that they were selling ox heart and ox liver. That’s all very well and good, but who eats the rest of the ox? I’ve never seen ox steak or ribs or chops or legs (heh that’d be hard to fit in the oven for a Sunday roast) for sale. Have I just not been looking hard enough? What’s so splendid about ox hearts compared to regular cow hearts?

I suppose that “ox” could just be a fancy way of saying “beef” or “cow”. But it’s a bit strange really.

No ants sighted today.

Antwatch Report

Yesterday my ants had a day off. I’m not sure what they were doing, but other than a few patrolling the floor, there was not much action. I think they come out more when it’s hot – yesterday was relatively cool (it only made it to 31 degrees C). Today feels warmer – at least the warmer bit started earlier. This is perhaps relevant.

There is more happening today. The kitchen is also less clean than yesterday, But it’s still not too bad. I find a spray of the orange oil surface cleaner makes some difference.

Today I’m having a day off. I’m going to the hospital on Saturday and Sunday evenings (3-11). I think I’ll go tomorrow evening too. And possibly tonight. I am getting a bit restless.