Monthly Archives: January 2009

So I’m going away again on Sunday. And I’m working 8:30-8:30 tomorrow. And it’s 9:12pm now. I am yet to think about packing the car… or packing my things into containers. But a lot of them are still in boxes from three weeks ago. And from 8 weeks ago too. That helps matters.

Some things I am annoyed about today

1. The NSW Government. Today they “don’t have time” to deal with the area health service that can’t pay its food/security/equipment bills or wages and they want to raise the minimum school-leaving age to 17 (this annoys me – some kids will do SO MUCH BETTER if they leave at 15 and get an apprenticeship – why force them to stay in school and lose all interest in everything?)*. Oh yes and they’ve screwed up the public transport system and the roads and the schools and don’t appear to have achieved anything ever.

2. Rude people. If you disagree with someone/something, there is no need to be rude or antagonistic. Or downright disrespectful. And if you wouldn’t say things in person, don’t say them on the internet!

3. People who don’t pick up after their dogs.

4. TV programming in the off-season.

* Update: apparently they will be allowed to leave if they have an apprenticeship or fulltime work. No idea how that’ll be policed though….


Lying on a mattress on the floor.

Black, hairy head hovering above my head,

A tennis ball of questionable cleanliness suspended

It’s only a matter of time

Fire Inspector

So I am keeping an eye on where bushfires are today, because my job is to go and retrieve the grandmother if there are any fires near her house. There aren’t, which is good, but there are a couple in the (VERY) general area and a new one has just been added in the last few minutes.

But anyway, the fire updates page for the NSW Rural Fire Service doesn’t have a RSS feed. This is interesting because it’s the sort of page that would be really useful for RSS feeds. Well I think so anyway. I’d subscribe! You could subscribe to particular areas so if the air was smokey at your house you’d know if there was a bad fire or backburning or if the smoke in the air was blowing across the Tasman from NZ.

She’s a smart one

Yesterday it was really hot. I turned on the air-conditioner and let Pooka in because I’m nice and all. She lay splayed out on the wooden floor where the cool air hits.

Today it was even hotter. So I pulled out a mattress and joined her. Then we dozed peacefully for a couple of hours.