Monthly Archives: November 2008

When I’m a headline writer…

I think that the headline:

New Oldest Person in the World

is better than:

World’s Oldest Person Dies

Just saying.

And just quietly, I’m not certain that we can really know who the oldest person in the world is. There are a lot of people in the world. And quite probably a lot of people don’t know what year they were born in anyway.

Ah that crazy mutt

So Pooka was pleased to see me, but it was dinner time so she was a bit distracted. She has, however, eaten half a packet of liquorice allsorts since I returned… I wondered why she wasn’t very concerned when my mother accidentally shut her on the wrong side of the hall door…

I don’t think this is as bad as if it were a bag of plain liquorice… I think it’ll just give her a bit of speed in the bowel department for a bit. I might go and check on her before I go to bed.

bits and pieces

Good day folks!

It’s lovely and sunny and windy today. Perfect bushfire weather I suppose, but at least the breeze is keeping the heat at bay.

I am eating macadamia nuts. They are $4 for a large bag (in their shells) at the fruitshop and I bought a macadamia cracker yesterday. I don’t quite have the patience to crack them carefully so they come out whole…

Steve – I’m very glad the parcel arrived! The deputy sheriff badges have been modified so that they’ll hang on the Christmas tree 😀

Currently working on stupid assignments. One of them is looking at the abysmal levels of vaccination in this area and the extremely high levels of pertussis. Is it possible there may be a connection???

Say what you will…

So today I was in a second-hand bookshop and sitting there on the shelf staring at me was the textbook we used in 4 unit maths (the highest level year 12 maths). AND it was $2! THEN I saw the sign that said all books were half price!

How could I not buy it? I’ve been wanting to do some maths again. And I never made it past the second chapter of the book during school

Someone has cleaned out the pipes

The internet is running rather fast right now. It could be because there was just a rather big storm and it flushed out the internet pipes. Perhaps. Or maybe because lots of people have gone to bed and aren’t using the 3G network at the moment. I am now fairly certain that the Optus software isn’t very good at calculating download amounts as it says that I have downloaded 31Gb on a 2Gb prepaid modem in 2.5 weeks… with an average speed that is less than dial-up. And less than 30 gig spare on my hard drive come to think of it…

In other news, Pooka has been getting good reports from the dog walkers. They think she’s lovely (I already knew that) and she plays very well with the other dogs and also likes to go back to the person for a nuzzle every once in a while. She does pull a bit on the lead, however is not being disciplined (with a halty collar) at the moment due to her face infection thing. I want to see the morning scene when they come to pick her up with her friends in the back – apparently she jumps in with no coaxing and there is much wagging of tails all round.


… I don’t think the ginseng in my shampoo and condition is likely to do a whole lot for my hair.

Just a hunch.

But it was $1.99 for each 400mL bottle. Usually $4.98. Bargain.