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Wiblog entry for 30/10/2008

Good morning everyone,

Ahhh so tired. Too many things to do in a tiny amount of time.

Oh yes, last night I got meself dunked in a swimming pool Baptist style. It wasn’t as traumatic as I imagined. My hint is that it’s easier to get baptised in a pool than in a church baptism pool. It’s deeper and bigger and hence you’re less likely to experience any disasters with falling over or hitting your head on the side. And at my church the steps down into the pool are very narrow – I would be at very high risk of stacking…

In other news.. hmmm I can’t think of any. Maybe later.


So this time next week I will be probably… hmmm maybe hmmm I don’t know. Nowhere near my destination and nowhere near home.

It’ll be fine when I get there. I just hate preparing for trips and getting to places.

It’s very strange actually. This time last year I was in second year med. Now I’m in fourth year. And I’m going to be away for a quarter of a year. And I’m introduced as a “final year medical student”. I used to be under the impression that final year medical students would know loads of stuff and be really competent at things. No longer the case.

And Pooka will be left behind while I’m away 🙁 . I do have a backyard up north but a) I don’t know that I’m allowed a dog and b) it’s a very long car trip for a young and active dog. I’m not sure about South, but I suspect she won’t be welcome. And I won’t have any dog facilities when I’m West.

Phantom headwear

So I don’t have to wear things on my head for very long before I experience the phantom headwear sensation when I take them off. I just took Pooka to the park for half an hour and keep trying to take off my hat because it feels like it’s there. But it isn’t!

Sunglasses are the same, but only when I’ve been wearing them on my head (ie. not over my eyes).

Surely someone must have done a study on this phenomenon. I just can’t be bothered to look it up. And they might call it something different…

I need three challenges

So as I have been banging on about for a while now, I will be going away shortly, then coming back, then going away, then coming back, then going away, then coming back in time for March.

My time out of Sydney will be in three roughly equal blocks. Two will be four weeks and one will be sort of four but maybe five or six weeks.

Without my effectively unlimited high speed internet access, I will have lots of spare time, theoretically. And hence will need some projects to work on while I’m away.

There will definitely be some photographic work.

Then there should be some sort of blogging series (to be posted via two tin cans an a long piece of string)

And perhaps some other written project. But I don’t know. NaNoWriMo is not really possible this year. So something else.

Ideas, commands, suggestions, thoughts – stick ’em in the comments department.

Getting ready for life

So leaving for the adventure in 1.5 weeks, but still have no idea which doctor I’ll be attached to or where I’m staying.

In other news, Pooka is outside crying because she wants to come inside. I don’t blame her actually – it’s freezing!

ah rage

I have been a bit rageful this week. There are so many layers of university administration that get in the way. I suppose it’s practice for for the hospital system in 2010.

However, on the plus side, I have located accommodation for my South Coast elective. Hurrah for that! That was a bit of a concern because that starts a week after I get back from North. And the likelihood of reasonable internet access at North is low.

On the minus side, the road trip to the North Coast is 800km. That’ll be a long drive…

On the plus side, Pooka didn’t beat up three little white fluffy dogs the other day. AND was very restrained when two people on horses went by the dog park (it’s not fenced. Thankfully the sign says no horses in the bush beyond the park). That could have been a disaster.

Off on an adventure

So I’m being sent Rural in two weeks. Today I found out where rural is. It’s not just rural NSW. It looks to be less than 40km south of the Queensland border. 630 odd km north of Sydney.

That’s all well and good, but it’s really quite a long way. I’ll be there for 4 weeks, then return for a week, then drive 200km south for my first elective (another four weeks then some more weeks working down south). THEN after a couple of weeks at home I have to drive 300km north-west for my second elective (another four weeks).

Not sure how I’m getting to north yet. But I think it’s a bit far to drive. Hopefully there will be options other than driving available. It’s not a whole lot of notice…

last day of the holidays

🙁 I would like to have more holidays please. I am still too tired to start this caper again.

In other news Pooka just ate a pen I liked. It wasn’t an expensive pen – only a few dollars. But that dog really likes pens. I suppose she could have worse habits. Computer cables, furniture, shoes…

It could be worse I suppose

Merry Friday everyone,

I have just evicted Pooka from my room due to her propensity to eat things. Anything. Just have a gnaw and see what happens…

I don’t THINK she has swallowed anything important yet (apart from the spare button for my brother’s suit). And it could be worse. A Bernese Mountain Dog at the park has swallowed a pine cone (needed a bowel resection after that), eaten a chicken (it was alive beforehand… she did leave the feet, but was pooing feathers for days afterwards), the packet from some sewing needles (an x-ray to determine if she’d swallowed any needles showed that she hadn’t, but there was “something square” in there) and who knows what else. And Pooka tends to chew and spit most of the time. Although I do find some pegs and rubber bands and assorted other objects occasionally.

She was lying beside me companionably for a while, eating bits of paper and a bottle. Then she started on the door stop and went into my brother’s room to see what she could find in there. Then half a Schmacko was used to encourage her outside.

So now I can return to chucking out papers that I am not going to read. If we’re realistic. It’s not going to happen.

Back to uni on Monday 🙁

Wiblog entry for 08/10/2008

I deleted some things from my RSS feed yesterday. No-one who reads this, as far as I know. Just random people who say some interesting things sometimes but who I have no connection with and stumbled across by accident and clicked on their feed in a fit of gay abandon. My feeds were getting just a bit out of control.

And while there are thousands of things I would like to read about every day, I am not going to be disadvantaged or deficient in any way if I don’t read all those blogs. Also I have a few bloggers on my feed who pick out interesting things that other people have said. So if there is a good post by one of the people I have turfed, chances are that someone else will link to it.

So now I only have about 40 things to read in the morning instead of 100. Some of the things I ditched had >20 posts/day. Can’t say whether that means I’ll spend less time on my computer though…