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Philosophising over the stock markets

A conversation held this morning on MSN with my friend KT. It’s actually more of a monologue on my part with KT occasionally replying to indicate that she’s listening to my waffle. She’s good like that. You’re not allowed to mock my ignorance on such weighty topics however you are permitted to provide bullet point summaries for me :).

Yay says: (9:53:38 AM)
could you tell me what all this bank crashing stuff means for me?

KT says: (9:54:03 AM)
i dunno

KT says: (9:54:19 AM)
it means that my managed investments are going backwards 🙁

Yay says: (9:54:23 AM)

Yay says: (9:54:42 AM)
does it mean that it’s a good thing i didn’t put any extra money in my super because it’d probably get lost?

Yay says: (9:55:10 AM)
will this mean that lots of people will lose their jobs and the cost of commodities will rise?

Yay says: (9:55:15 AM)
or is that unrelated?

KT says: (9:55:21 AM)
yes to your first question

KT says: (9:55:28 AM)
dunno about the second question

Yay says: (9:55:39 AM)
when big things happen they need to put a bullet points summary for those of us who weren’t interested before

Yay says: (9:56:10 AM)

Yay says: (9:56:13 AM)
it might mean that

Yay says: (9:56:21 AM)
which means my hecs debts will go up

Yay says: (9:57:52 AM)
i just gave pooka a bath and got thoroughly soake

Yay says: (9:57:52 AM)

KT says: (9:58:03 AM)
yes bullet points would be good

KT says: (9:58:16 AM)
my eyes glaze over whenever finances are discussed

Yes says: (9:58:18 AM)

Yay says: (9:58:30 AM)
i know that something has happened but i don’t know how or what it means

Yay says: (9:58:36 AM)
but it sounds like it’s bad. for someone

Yay says: (10:01:54 AM)
but, for example, what does it mean that the dow index has lost 778 points

Yay says: (10:02:01 AM)
? how many did it have to start with?

Yay says: (10:02:05 AM)
how many does it need?

KT says: (10:02:45 AM)
no idea

KT says: (10:02:53 AM)
perhaps wikipedia would be of assistance?

Yay says: (10:02:59 AM)
hmmm perhaps

Yay says: (10:03:03 AM)
but it will have lots of words

Yay says: (10:04:35 AM)
i find it fascinating that money simply disappears. implying that it never existed to start with

Yay says: (10:04:57 AM)
which is sort of true really

Yay says: (10:05:07 AM)
it is merely a construct

Yay says: (10:05:47 AM)
once upon a time a coin had value and was exchanged for goods of similar value

Yay says: (10:06:08 AM)
then currency became symbolic of what it represented

Yay says: (10:06:27 AM)
and virtual currency took over from real currency

Yay says: (10:07:07 AM)
i don’t THINK that the value of all the virtual money in the world could be exchanged for goods. and there is definitely not enough currency to represent it

KT says: (10:07:20 AM)
no way

Yay says: (10:07:30 AM)
so it just appeared

Yay says: (10:07:45 AM)
it reminds me of a bible verse actually

Yay says: (10:08:57 AM)
“All men are like grass,
and all their glory is like the flowers of the field.

The grass withers and the flowers fall,
because the breath of the LORD blows on them.
Surely the people are grass.

The grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of our God stands forever.” 

Yay says: (10:09:43 AM)
today is philosophising about the stock market day

KT says: (10:09:51 AM)
indeed 🙂


So car registration is due in the next few weeks. Add in comprehensive and compulsory third party insurance and it comes to over $2000. Ouch. I haven’t added up all the numbers yet but a cursory glance can tell that it’s more than 2K.

Today my car is having its final service under full warranty. All under control, no need to panic, free service and all. They just called to say that the brake pads and discs are quite worn and will only last another 4000-5000km (which is not far for my car – it gets around!). So I’m getting those done – $585!

But you know, safety and all.

In other news I have found out where I am going for the first three weeks of my next rotation (starts in 2 weeks). One whole suburb away. Hurrah for that! I can walk there if I’m running on time enough (unlikely)! The four weeks after that will be somewhere rural and that remains a mystery. Because we don’t like to plan our lives or anything…

Wiblog entry for 28/09/2008

Merry Sunday everyone!

It is very hot and windy today. It is possibly a good day to take Pooka swimming. But can I be bothered? I don’t know.

I am in a bit of a quandary about my cherry tomato plants. They are in pots, because in the garden they get mowed, Pookered or eaten by possums/cockatoos/snails/tigers. The pots are currently in my portable greenhouse. The plants are looking good (except the ones that didn’t survive transplantation – they look dead) but not thriving. I don’t think this model of tomato is one that needs to be staked (it said something like that on the packet I think) but I’m not sure where to put them. It’s very windy at the moment and because they are in pots and have been transplanted, I don’t think their root systems are good enough to withstand a gale. But they are reaching the top of the greenhouse and I can’t move the shelves around.

Obviously I need to build a proper greenhouse. But that may not occur before the tomato season.

My spinach is going well though!

The time has come

I have become sufficiently bamboozled by my schedule that I have started using iCal, and I have anchored it in my dock (Mac people will understand. For those not familiar with Mac, this means that my calendar software is now permanently open and sitting in the panel at the side of the screen).

What is cool is that it will sync with my ipod. Isn’t that exciting? I can listen to music AND see where I’m meant to be all at once!

oh yes – some more timetabling difficulties

I’ll be away for three out of the next five months. Namely most of November, most of December, some of January and all of February.

Some time in October could work! Or March! Or possibly a bit of January…

In other news, I can see why Charlotte Bronte’s The Professor is not as well known as Jane Eyre. It does go on a bit. And there’s too much French. What am I? Some sort of French person?! I get the gist of about half of it, but other bits – bah!

Further wibmeet information

So I have to go to a wedding on the 4th. And will quite possibly be working on the 11th due to me working tomorrow and being rostered for every second Saturday.

That makes things a bit more complicated!

What time would people be able to do a Sunday daytime thing?

in answer to your questions

1. I haven’t thought about BalderdashFantaZeroMeet yet, however it will not be this Saturday because a) I’m working and b) it’s not much notice. What is the availability of people on next weekend or the one after? I think our church times are all different so Saturday is probably more feasible…

2. I passed the clinical exam with the patient etc. He was an excellent patient and told me everything I needed to know and everything I’d forgotten to do (“what have other doctors/students asked about/examined that I haven’t?” = good question). So just need to pass the exams from this week and it’s fourth year ahoy.