Monthly Archives: August 2008

Something happened…

And the chocolate seems to have disappeared.

Today I am thinking about spreading out my tomato plants a bit. And possibly my spinach. I’m not entirely sure how to do this, but we’ll see what happens. Maybe it won’t be a complete disaster!

I will also be lolling around and not achieving much.

So how’s this for excellent timing?

Dee and I were discussing yesterday how it would be a good idea to have a wibmeet involving pizza, Fanta Zero and Balderdash. I like playing Balderdash you see. And I am on holidays in not too much time now.

The only problem was that neither of us had the game, hence it would have to be obtained.

Well today I saw a friend for scones and iced chocolate, and she brought along a birthday present that she’d bought for me months ago. Drum roll! It was Absolute Balderdash! Which is Balderdash but more so! How exciting!

So yes, wibloggers and readers in the Sydney area, there will hopefully be a wibmeet involving pizza, Fanta Zero and Absolute Balderdash some time in the next 7 weeks, after the 24thish of September and at some time to accommodate those with 9-5 jobs. Register interest and/requests for days (I was going to say dates, but I don’t think there’s enough of me to go between all the adoring male fans here) here. I will probably start a thread later some time.

A wonderful idea

I had a dream last night that the TV guide came with an extra set of pages where the guide was in cryptic crossword language. It was fantastic!

In other news, my msn list has not a single person online. That hasn’t happened since the days when I only had 5 people on it!

Some places I don’t like going to

1. The dentist
2. The hairdresser
3. The motor registry
4. The lecture theatre at the hospital.
5. Clothes shops
6. Centrelink (the govt department that gives me money to go to uni)
7. A couple of places where I used to work
8. Places where I am likely to run into a particular foe
9. Buildings where access is via ancient lifts.
10. Shops with minimalist decor and no other customers.

Perhaps a step forwards

So today was my long case exam. For those who are not acquainted with such things, here’s what happens in a uni long case exam. Or my long case exam anyway.

Students show up at their examination venue. Mine was a very large hospital. It may even be the largest in Australia. Or NSW. Or something.

Then we wait. I waited about 90 minutes past the time I was meant to start.

I was then ushered into a room with a patient in it and my one hour of information acquisition began. Sometimes the good habits learned at uni are flung out the window in the interest of maximal information acquisition in an hour. So we start with “what’s wrong with you?” (or words to that effect), then move on to medications (very helpful for me when trying to summarise medical conditions). This is followed by lots and lots of other questions and an examination and more questions then some writing stuff down.

Then you get 20 minutes to write stuff and to think about what you have found. Then.. 20 minutes? I think… to present the case and get grilled on it.

I’m not too sure how I did. Hard to say. Hopefully ok.

Now I must go and tend to my impatient hound who is banging on the door because it’s walk o’clock.

Some flickr sets I will make

1. Plasticine anatomy
2. Other Plasticine stuff
3. New Zealand photos
4. Vietnam photos
5. Scenic (or otherwise) photos taken at hospitals
6. Photos of signs that make me laugh
7. Pooka photos
8. Nice scenic postcard pics.
9. A set of photos of food I have cooked. I have rather a lot of things to go on that one.
10. Miscellaneous

Some things I might do on my wiblog

1. An series of English lessons. Spelling, grammar and punctuation.
2. A series of similes.
3. Some more photos of things due to my shiny new flickr pro account
4. Talk about some of my favourite words.
5. Post some recipes
6. Pledge my dedication to do things that we know will never happen. Exercise anyone?
7. Make some more lists of things. Perhaps even with more than 10 items. Or less. But perhaps not.
8. Tell some stories about things that happen
9. Tell some stories about things that didn’t happen but could have. Who would ever know?
10. Post links to blogs with interesting posts about things that are interesting.