Monthly Archives: July 2008

Some things I like doing

1. Singing a song over the top of a different song on the radio that has sort of similar chords.
2. Building things
3. Pulling things apart.
4. Putting things back together.
5. Remembering things I learned in high school. Like maths and physics and about East/West Germany/Berlin. And poems. It’s useful to be able to quote poetry when necessary.
6. Watching South Park.
7. Wearing two pairs of socks on cold days.
8. Walking up stairs and feeling superior to people getting lifts.
9. Connecting pieces of equipment with cables and making them do things.
10. Buying things with batteries and buttons and flashing lights


Powerpoint documents merge very nicely into Keynote. Mmmmmmmm.

It’s difficult being a combination of perfectionist and ultra-procrastinator…

Some things that please me

1. Green traffic lights
2. Lifts to and from the 11th floor that don’t stop on any other floors.
3. Ice cream with golliwog* biscuits in it and custard on top.
4. Pooka not beating up dogs at the park without their consent
5. Powerful electric staplers. The sort that sound like they’d take an arm off given half a chance
6. Early marks.
7. Good underwear.
8. Fanta Zero.
9. Typing gloves**
10. Not having to get up in the morning.

* Actually now called scalliwag biscuits due to the political incorrectness of golliwog. Sorry Enid Blyton.
** Largely theoretical as such things do not seem to exist, at least not in a way that meets my specifications.

Some things that annoy me

1. People who block supermarket aisles for prolonged periods of time while appearing oblivious to those queuing in both directions to get past.
2. Getting out of bed
3. Slobbery dogs that take Pooka’s ball then bring it back dripping a long time later.
4. Sermons where length outweighs content.
5. Sticky tape dispensers
6. People telling me what to do when they have no good reason to.
7. Explaining the finer aspects of the pharmaceutical benefits scheme to people. Yes. It is written on a prescription paper. That does not automatically mean that you get it at your pensioner price. The doctor could write “Mars Bar, mitte 30 x 60g, 1 tid, rpt 5”. Or “Mow the lawn five times a month”. Or “Do not attend Emergency Department for the common cold”.
8. Cook books without pictures.
9. People who don’t bother learning the names of those they will be in contact with over a significant period of time. For example group work or patients.
10. Forgetting what the thing is that annoys me that I was going to write about yesterday.

Two vignettes

1. This morning on our way back from the park, Pooka and I came across some Energy Australia workmen who’d set up their stuff underneath a new telegraph (electicity? Telephone? Cable? Light?) pole. They were starting off with breakfast and were sitting around on chairs on the footpath enjoying their meal. I noticed that they had a microwave… plugged into the mains? I’m not sure… It made me smile all the same. And I wondered what the Sydney Water people bring out when they’re sitting around having breakfast.

2. A friend just sent me an essay to read. I noticed that the extension was .docx, but my word processor opened it fine. Apparently it’s the new Office extension and Office 2003 can’t deal with it (I guess that’s not surprising). But Pages for Mac can. That made me smile as well. Yay Pages!


Tonight a friend and I ate dinner while watching tv, with the food at Pooka-accessible height and Pooka in the room. Although the poor beast was sorely tempted, she lay down on command and stayed there the whole time! Amazing.

And she only beat up one dog today. A 4th generation labradoodle. We’re working on the beating up thing. Getting better! Apparently she’s in her rebellious adolescent phase at the moment. But I can see vast improvements in her behaviour. Which is good, because we’ve been truanting obedience classes for quite a while now.

In other news, I only have a few more days on this rotation then move on to one at a posh private hospital. Ooooh. Noice. Only two more four-week rotations, then stuvac, then an exam, then 2 weeks of holidays, then FOURTH YEAR.

Which means I’d better get my act together with organising electives…

somewhere in the house, a black beast lurks

So Pooka is a lot better at being inside now. There is absolutely no way she could be left inside with no-one at home, but she is generally not TOO bad.

It does concern me though when I know she’s inside and all is quiet and she doesn’t come when I call…

But then she eventually comes with something amusing in her mouth. The porcelain mug was my favourite. I couldn’t tell her to drop it, because she might have. But at the same time I had to retrieve it somehow. Tricky!