Monthly Archives: June 2008

it’s still June

And I am still alive. Just busy. Only 11 weeks until stuvac! It has been said that third year is a bit of a hard slog. I can see why. It’s just rotation after rotation after rotation with all sorts of stupid assignments and good ones, and no holidays and big assessments looming on the horizon.

I am currently posting some more Pooka photos on Flickr. I can’t post one here because the uploader is taking its sweet time shoving them through the internet pipes. Hence I suppose that if you are too quick to click on the link they may not have arrived yet! That would be unfortunate. Hmmm but as flickr seems to be going very slowly, it seems that there is currently no danger of that.

In other news, I now have two plastic goats. Also a new donkey and a pelican.

a carload of fun

So the brother is housesitting at the moment for a guy from the dog park who has an 11 year old golden retriever called Pinot. Pinot needs to be driven to the park. And due to car swapping issues and dog-compatible cars and whatnot, on Thursdays I have to drive Pooka and Pinot and my brother to the park. It’s very hard to take both dogs to the park with only one person. They travel at rather different paces.

Hence I have to fit a very large dog, a medium sized dog and a brother in the car.

it gets my goat…

… when the Simpsons is not on because Big Brother is going overtime! What is so important about a group of bogans acting like idiots? Why should this delay my viewing?!

Update on angry running man with stick: he hit a small white dog with a stick, the owner reported him to the council. The next day a council officer came to the park to find him but he didn’t show. Apparently he has also been impersonating a council officer and police officer and handing out fines to dog owners. The relevant authorities now know his name and address however there hasn’t been much progress since then.