Monthly Archives: May 2008

I have a cold

And you know who’s to blame? I think it might be Grammar Girl. The first time I’ve seen her in months and she passes on her plague! Yeah, friends. All about sharing.

All my holiday plans! Destroyed! I will have to lie in bed, coughing feebly and moaning. And poor Pooka! Who will walk her! She’ll have to expend all her energy destroying the fence and then she’ll eat it and get internal splinters and she’ll also go mad from lack of contact with dogs. And then I’ll have to take her to a home for the rehabilitation of crazy dogs.

I suppose it could have been someone else…

Wiblog entry for 17/05/2008

So finally my one week of holidays for third year have arrived. This means that I’m half-way through third year. Although not in terms of assessments. Just that I’ve done four out of eight rotations.

And I am exhausted. Today I got up at about 11, had breakfast, went back to bed til 12:30, took Pooka to visit my grandmother, did various errands, slept from 4:30-7:30… and I’m ready for bed again.

My holidays will be spent sleeping, dog-walking, hopefully studying and perhaps cooking.

Oh yes, I have further news on the running man with stick at the park. But I can’t be bothered to explain it now.

all done

My RSS adventure wasn’t too traumatic. I checked out the google reader one. Then downloaded NetNewsWire from the Apple website and it is doing the job well, in a format I like. Hurrah for that. I have put all my non-wibsite blogs into it and will do the wiblogs tomorrow perhaps.

In other news I hit my head on the balcony today while retrieving one of Pooka’s toys from underneath. It always amazes me how big the lumps are on your head when you hit them on something solid. No blood. Just a large lump.

In yet more other news, a man at the dog park was a bit panicky today as the house-sitter he’d organised for a couple of weeks from now turned out to be a bit of a bad egg. He was very very relieved when the brother and I said we’d take care of it. And he’s PAYING us (not heaps, but more than nothing)! Usually people think they’re doing you a favour. So yes, that’ll be for 3.5 weeks in a few weeks time. Not sure if I’ll stay there all the time, but it’s only around the corner. Will depend what happens with Pooka.

Also I’ve organised the first four weeks of my elective in the town where my bosses have bought a pharmacy down the coast. This means that I will have
a) A place to stay for free (boss’s house)
b) with a backyard and a dog for Pooka to play with
c) A job
d) all within a few minutes drive of the elective
e) the beach very near by
f) lots of love from the boss because he is longing for a holiday and I will stay for a week or two afterwards and do his job while he goes away.

Pretty good really.

new horizons

I am thinking about attempting to make use of RSS feeds. I know. Crazy huh? It will streamline my internet faffing around somewhat… and did you know that you can subscribe to flickr feeds too? I just have to um… do it… somehow… I will make my brother give me a tutorial.

It’s weird how I am totally confident with some aspects of technology (manuals?! Who reads manuals! Just play with it! Press all the buttons! See what they do!) but bamboozled by other aspects. I subscribed to my first podcasts last week. But I don’t know what the deal with it is. I know that some things will be on my ipod… but that’s about it.

So yes. The car is back. It was ready that day, and apparently my water pump was broken.

Pooka has had her annual service. It has been noted by many at the park that Pooka appears utterly fearless – clearly these people have never seen the pathetic shaggy, dog-shaped pile of fear at the vet! There was a large labrador in the waiting room, and all the staff thought she must be terrified of it as she wouldn’t come in the door. Not so! She loves labradors! She is just terrified of being at the vet. Once she was coaxed in with copious liver treats, she ran to the scales and planted herself firmly there. The scales are her place of refuge at the vet. They are the only place where she feels safe. She weighs 18.7kg by the way.

The vet lady said that when the big labrador was coming out, Pooka could go into an examination room if we liked, because she still thought the lab was the problem. The examination room is even more scary than any giant, mutant, 12-legged, fire-breathing labrador you can imagine! It was our turn before that came to pass, and we were ushered in. Well, I was ushered in. Then I had to go and pick up my quivering dog from the scales and carry her in. She coped fine with the examination, didn’t appear to notice the vaccination, received many compliments, and it was all fine. But I don’t think she’ll remember how fine it was when we go back in four weeks for a booster she needs.

The Yaymobile in peril

So my car started making funny noises a couple of days ago. My younger brother is into avoidance as a coping strategy and thought it was fine. That evening he went to see my older brother who said the noise was bad. Yesterday I was about to go to church and it was making the noises with lots of enthusiasm, and the (!) light was on.

I decided not to go to church (half an hour drive) and to wait for the father to get home so he could give his opinion before I called the NRMA (roadside assistance people). He came home and agreed that the noise was bad, but pointed out that the (!) light was on because I hadn’t taken the handbrake off (which was because I wasn’t going anywhere because of the noise – it’s not a regular occurrence).

So I called the NRMA who said someone would be out in about 90 minutes. Which was fine, as I wasn’t going anywhere. 10 minutes later a lovely man arrived and agreed that the noise was bad. He added that he would not even drive the car anywhere because it sounded like a bearing… something… and that the engine may well blow up (not his words) if it drove anywhere. He said to call NRMA in the morning and they would tow it.

He also congratulated me for not turning up the stereo and pretending the noise wasn’t there. His niece did that and ended up with $2000 worth of repairs.

I then went inside and told my mother that the engine was about to explode and it needed to be towed. She likes panicking, my mother, so I like to give her the opportunity to when possible.

This morning I called for the tow truck, they quoted 60 minutes, truck arrived in 20, I naughtily reversed the car onto the road for ease of loading onto the truck (it didn’t explode) and it is now on its way to the car dealership where they will do something hopefully and make the noise stop.

And we all lived happily ever after! AND as I’m up early, I can take Pooka for a walk!

People you meet #10 – the ones who appreciate quality

So yesterday I came across another dog’s tag along the bush track. I picked it up, intending to give it to the owner when I saw them. Conveniently enough, this was in about 2 minutes time when I arrived at the park.

I handed it over, and he was very pleased and said that I’d saved him $15. I told him that Pooka’s tag (same tag, different engraving shop) cost $5 at the place up the road.

“Oh no! That guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. We had one done by him and it was dreadful! That man! No idea!!”

Apparently he digs the engraving thing in at the wrong angle and his writing isn’t at good as at the $15 place.

Good thing Pooka can’t see her tags – she might want me to get her expensive ones next time. She has two tags by the way. A purple one on her blue superman collar, and a green one on her red collar.

A trip to the hardware store

Today I bought four items.

* A lightbulb
* Some baby spinach seeds (I don’t know if they will grow into adult spinach if I don’t eat them while they’re babies…)
* two buckets.

The lightbulb is an energy saving one, however it has two features that encouraged me to give it a try. It is 20W (supposedly equivalent to 100W regular) and it has a halogen bulb in it too, so when you first turn it on the halogen goes on too, hence it is bright straight away. Once the energy saver bit gets to full boil, the halogen bit goes off.

The bulb in my room is still lit, so I have to wait for it to blow before I can try my new one. If it works ok, then I will be able to be a bit more environmentally friendly.

The buckets are for Pooka to play with. She loves buckets. Really. I don’t know if I’ve put any footage online of her bucket dance. Will have to do that sometime.

The seeds are to satisfy my occasional need to make something grow out of the soil. It usually fails. Luckily seeds are cheap.

a water dog

(Apologies to those on dial up – series of Pooka photos follow)

Pooka has mixed feelings about water.

She likes playing in puddles. This means she gets quite dirty on occasion. Last week was one of those occasions, and I had to dump her in the bath when we got back. It looked like this when I’d pulled her out:

She looked like this:

She’s tied up because she had to be inside to dry (it being night time and cold) but couldn’t be trusted to roam free with steak cooking in the griller. I’m not sure if her health insurance covers griller-mouth.

So she loves puddles, but hates baths. Not sure what the deal is with that.

She also loves hoses:

Hence wherever possible I hose her instead of giving her baths. It does not appear to have had any detrimental effects on her coat. And it also gets gunk out of her eyes much easier than a cotton ball and saline!