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A bit more Pooka :)

Pooka likes porridge. So when I have some at night, I give her the leftovers.

I like watching her eat it out of the small saucepan, with her head stuck inside and her tag clanking against the outside of the pan.

Then I boil the saucepan with water for a while and send it through the dishwasher. That should fix it.

Drop outs

Yesterday Pooka and I gave up on obedience after 15 minutes.

After 10 minutes I was in despair because the trainer we had was being extremely harsh and authoritarian and just not very helpful. There was also an awful lot of standing around being talked at and told that we weren’t very good. I was frantically trying to think of a way to make a graceful exit. Then Pooka read my mind, and went nutso and did her “I’ve had enough” routine that she usually does about 10 minutes from the end of class. I tried to rein her back in, but she wasn’t having a bar of it, so it was with great regret that I had to excuse us from class because Pooka wasn’t up to it.

I think I’ll homeschool her for a few weeks.

People you meet #9 – Gumboot wearers

At least three of the dog park regulars have been spotted wearing gumboots this week. Which is reasonable really, as the park does not have any puddles but is in fact, one big puddle. As is the oval.

I don’t have any gumboots, but I wear shorts (legs are easier to clean and dry than long trousers) and my dog walking shoes were trashed long ago.

The dog park is preferable for puddle play because the mud at the oval stinks. I have a feeling the materials used to make the oval into an oval may have come from a toxic dump. The mud is black and stinky. And when Pooka has been eating it, it looks like she’s had an upper GI bleed.

Recurring dream: sitting at the bus stop

So I have this dream occasionally. I’m sitting at the bus stop (grassy verge near my house), waiting for the school bus. There is a box with a towel on it. I look underneath and there’s a brand new computer. Then I realise it’s actually a whole lot of boxes, with a few towels on top, with a whole lot of computers and various other things. I realise that someone has stolen these goods and left them here to be picked up by an accomplice. They have cunningly disguised them with the towels but I am not a fool!

I notice that one of the towels belongs to someone from school – I saw it at the swimming carnival. I call him to let him know that his towel has been stolen. Turns out he had two towels, and this is the less exciting one.

I have to call the police to tell them about this pile of stolen stuff, but I’m in a quandary. It’s not an emergency so I can’t call 000. But what if the accomplice turns up to collect the stash before the police arrive? And I don’t have the number for my local station. So I call my mother and ask her to drive to the bus stop with the phone directory.

Then a friend from uni and her hippie friends arrive and start taking stuff from the pile. They ignore me when I tell them to stop. My friend tells me to lighten up because they’re just taking a couple of board games, including Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Thankfully the bus arrives and the friend and her hippie friends get on. I tell them I’ll see them at school – I need to stay with the stolen goods until the police arrive.

The mother has still not arrived with the phone directory. I call her, and it turns out that she’s parked around the corner. She saw the hippies and thought she should stay undercover. I discuss the situation and we decide to put the stash in her car and take it to the police station ourselves.

Then I wake up.

People you meet #8 – The guy who’s scared of dogs

A new character has emerged on the dog park scene lately. It’s a guy who is scared of dogs.

As you can see, the area where I walk consists of two parks, joined by a bush track. Most people tend to start at the dog park end, as this is the end where most people live. Now as you can also see, only the dog park is a dog park. Dogs are allowed in the bush on a lead (although this is often disobeyed by those with obedient and calm dogs) and at the other end they are technically supposed to be on leads, however an enormous empty oval in a fairly secluded location is generally an ok place to exercise a dog if it isn’t bugging other people. So a common dog-walking scenario is to arrived at the first park, play for a bit if there are other dogs around, walk to the second park, play if there are dogs around, do a couple of laps if you feel led, walk back to first park to see if there are any dogs yet.

There are a lot of non-dog people who use this same walking circuit for their own exercise, except they don’t have to look for dogs to play with all the time. Hence they must first traverse the dog park to get to the bush. And when they reach the bush, it is quite likely that they will encounter dogs either on or off a lead. Those who are scared of dogs adopt a number of coping techniques. Some just ignore the dogs or stand still if the dog approaches them. Others tell dog owners that they are scared of dogs. Another group get very aggressive. People you meet # 8 is one of these.

He is a jogger. Looks pretty tough and fearless. Every time he arrives at the dog park he retrieves his large stick that he keeps near the road. It’s about a metre long, 5cm thick. Then he keeps jogging the circuit. If approached by a dog or if anywhere near one, he goes out of his way to hit or kick it. He has told one of the dog owners quite aggressively that his wife is afraid of dogs. This is interesting, however his wife is not present on his daily jogs. It seems POSSIBLE that perhaps HE is afraid of dogs. Which is nothing to be embarrassed about (I am scared of knees for example) and the dog owners at the park are very good about keeping their dogs away from scared people. But if that is the case, hitting a friendly dog with a stick is not a good way to protect yourself. See, hitting dogs with sticks doesn’t make them very happy. In fact, it can make them quite angry and a bit bitey. A stick can be useful for sort of guiding them away from you (I have done this on occasions with Pooka’s ball flinger) but not so much as a hitting device.

I’m sure there are also some animal cruelty things related to hitting a non-aggressive dog in an off-leash park. Or anywhere for that matter.

Missing the X-factor

I’ve been looking at some of my archives and am a bit concerned that I’m not as good at blogging as I used to be. I haven’t posted anything particularly good for quite a while. This is not a very good state of affairs.

Perhaps I was better at blogging when I had more time on my hands. I certainly don’t have much time at the moment. And a lot of my time is spent doing secret confidential medical stuff that I can’t really blog about. And I don’t have time to cook stuff in the shape of things.

Hmmm that seems to answer that question. Maybe I’ll just repost some of my previous better posts as a trip down memory lane :p

some photos

This was at the sunrise service that my church has on Easter Sunday. Interestingly enough this was before the sun rose, but it looks like there’s an enormous sun there. Anyway, I recommend sunrise services for Easter. Sun Rise, Son Rise… cool.

This is the West Wing at my clinical school! I sit outside for ages waiting to catch a glimpse of CJ or the President! One day…

This is the very welcoming main entrance to my hospital. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy, like you’re entering a place of healing? Or perhaps like you’re entering a factory that makes paper clips and staples?

How time flies

I appear to have been neglecting ToVY recently. Sorry about that to anyone who has been biting their nails, waiting for the next thrilling installment.

Incidents of note since my last post:
* I got to drive the camera for a laparoscopic gall bladder removal
* I arrived at the park the other day and was greeted by a lady with a small dog who said “and this must be the dreaded Pooka”. She’s famous!
* Half way through this rotation. Hurrah! Although I’m enjoying it. I’m just looking forward to a week off in 6 weeks.
* I get an extra month of holidays at the end of this year. The uni has changed our course so that fourth year rotations are now 8 weeks instead of 9. So an extra four weeks has to be added on to the holidays. I am not sad about this at all.
* I keep losing things. Mainly my phone. But also keys. And other small but important items.

That’s all. Have to go to sleep.