Monthly Archives: February 2008

Wiblog entry for 27/02/2008

Today I got all tarted up pretending to be a surgeon again, and I stuck a small needle into a back, then big needle into a pleural cavity, and removed nearly a litre of stuff from around a lung. And we all lived happily ever after.

It reminds me of my interview for med school when they asked why I wanted to be a doctor, and I said that it was because I wanted to poke people with sharp objects. It’s a good thing I quite enjoy that bit 😀

Wiblog entry for 25/02/2008

Oh yes, I’m back! Arrived home on Saturday afternoon. Started respiratory term this morning.

Quite tired, hence not much wibloggery. Maybe next weekend when first week madness has worn off.

In other news Pooka caught a bird (not fatally), the electricity meter man (no contact) and a dead creature today. I think she had a good day. In other news, she has been promoted to advanced first class (from beginner first class). She can now sort of walk to heel. And she is better at “come”. I also think that the white bits in her coat are disappearing. And she looks different… more scruffy.

Wiblog entry for 09/02/2008

Good afternoon everyone,

So last night I went to my first ever night shift. I went voluntarily – partly curiosity, partly to socialise with people. My impression was that it wasn’t as bad as I predicted. I wasn’t sure how well my brain would cope with staying up all night, but it managed remarkably well. It’s struggling a bit now however as I was awake all day yesterday, all night and then slept for 4 hours this morning, I feel that is reasonable.

But I successfully extracted my second ever arterial blood gas sample, followed people around and looked at things, read some stuff, was generally fairly useless, and was still reasonably coherent in the morning. Hurrah!

Then I had one of my most detailed dreams ever recalled between 9am and 1pm today. It was quite a good one too.

Now I will faff around for the weekend and perhaps do some study at some point. And perhaps take some pictures of things maybe.

So I probably should check in

Apologies for the paucity of wiblogging. I haven’t been crazily busy, just a bit sluggish. You know, the heat and all.

So it’s been good. I’m staying in nurses’ quarters, approximately 2 minutes walk from the hospital door (I am currently in the library, midway between quarters and hospital door). This is very convenient. I like having a short commute.

I’ve been on the medical ward (this being my general medicine rotation) and it is rather interesting. It is good to have the reality check of being there the whole day. Sort of a relief actually. During years 1 and 2 we tended to just see the “interesting” cases and the nice people in tutorials and it was a bit like an episode of some medical show.

The people I follow around are very nice and are keen for me to practice jabbing and poking patients and stuff. Today they asked if I wanted to drain a pleural effusion (fluid around the lung) however I declined as I had never even seen it done hence wasn’t really up to trying it myself. There are some important bits around the lung I believe :p

Yeah so I spend the mornings doing ward rounds, then the afternoons vary depending on what my team is rostered for that day. Tomorrow is admissions, which means hanging around emergency… admitting people.

Big challenge here is language. A lot of people don’t speak English. Or can’t speak enough to tell you what’s wrong. Or they’re assumed to not speak English by doctors who talk to much… there are interpreters available but it can take a while to find one who speaks the right language (Alice Springs is sort of at the centre of the regions for four main languages). I have learnt that in one of the languages pica means pain and wiya means no. That’s about the extent of my language acquisition.

I haven’t taken any photos yet. Maybe this weekend I will go out and do that… and there are some great views out the windows of my ward. Apparently if you can avoid reflection, the window tint gives a nice filtered… erm… photo thing..

Oh yes! Pooka has been to an obedience class! She started last Saturday (which was her birthday incidentally) and it sounds like a good time was had. UNFORTUNATELY some dog there gave her kennel cough so she is in quarantine for a week. But my mother is quite pleased because it’ll give them time to work on “watch”. Apparently Pooka is more interested in watching the treat than my mother.