Monthly Archives: January 2008

I have arrived

Good day everyone!

I arrived in Alice Springs a couple of days ago but it took a while to sort out internet access and stuff. But now I have my after hours library beeper magnet key dealie so all is well with the world.

I don’t have much to report. I just wanted to put you all out of suspense in case you’d been fretting about my journey to the outback (3 hours on a 737 :p)

No photos yet but will try to take some… sometime.

Rather tiring

So day 2 of uni is nearly over. Just an hour to spend on scrubbing/gowning/gloving for theatre left. Then home to poor neglected Pooka who hopefully was given a bone this afternoon by my neighbour.

Three of the dog park regulars have offered to help out with Pooka while I am away. A couple said they’ll take her along on walks, one said she’d drop her dog off to play. Dog people are very nice on the whole.

I have acquired a bit more information about what I’ll be doing in the Northern Territory. Well really it’s more what I won’t be doing – tutorials! Or lectures. The other rural sites have lectures video-streamed to them. There is no such thing in Alice Springs, so we get to do extra “self-directed learning” (one of the big buzz phrases for my course – I will have a DIY MBBS).

but but but

Uni resumes TOMORROW! I don’t think I’m finished holidaying yet!

I bought a new camera today as my old one isn’t sounding like it’ll last the distance when I’m away. A Canon Ixus 70. Looks like a nice piece of camera. The guy at the shop was very impressed with my interrogation. I made a shortlist according to price, features and size/shape, then asked four questions about the four shortlisted cameras.

1. Do any of these use AA batteries rather than a rechargeable one? (No)
2. What storage medium does each camera use? (this eliminated the Sony – there’ll be no memory stick pro duos!)
3. Which ones take good pictures? (Pentax was behind the other two – out of the race!)
4. Anything that makes one of these better than the other? Canon has a viewfinder! Sold!

The camera-selling guy actually looked like the bald Mythbusters guy come to think of it.

Non-accidental archive

I didn’t accidentally hit the “archive” button. I just couldn’t be bothered thinking about where to chop things off. So decided to file it all with one click of a button.

I am in a laundry quandary. No clean clothes. Flying out on Sunday. There are lots of showers forecast between now and then. I can do the “drape everything around the living room and turn the heater on high” trick I suppose. It’s the next best thing to having a drier. This summer hasn’t been much of a summer I must say. But there’ll be plenty of that in Alice Springs I suppose.

Uni starts on Wednesday. One day sort of on campus, then two days at my regular hospital, then off on my adventure. Now I come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve been away from home for a month before. I don’t really know what I’ll eat for a month. I apparently have some kitchen facilities somewhere in the hospital staff quarters… I suspect there’ll be lots of bowls of cereal involved. And dodgy hospital cafeteria food.

Wiblog entry for 20/01/2008

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve done quite a lot of work in intense clumps. There was a 50 hours over 4 days stint and a 25 hours of 2 days stint.

I don’t enjoy it very much. Yesterday morning I forgot to wake up. And had four minutes to get ready for work. Incidentally jelly is an excellent emergency breakfast food when there’s nothing else ready-made on hand. And working at a pharmacy means that one can buy a toothbrush and toothpaste once one has finished eating lollies for the second course of breakfast. The lollies were fruit flavoured. That counts as nutrition.

So intern work could be interesting. Although at least I’ll be allowed to walk outside the hospital and stand under a tree for five minutes without breaking the law. I don’t like being constrained to the pharmacy at all times.

Wiblog entry for 15/01/2008

So I looked at the personality test that other wibloggers are doing but lost interest at the first page of questions. There were too many words and they were all crammed closely together… and who knows how many pages…

I don’t know what that says about my personality, but surely it means I’m delightful.

The sorrowful sounds

Tonight Pooka is on the balcony due to there being several large crates of grapes on the floor (toxic to dogs) and the mother being a bit short-tempered (loosely related to the grapes. Although she has nothing against grapes per se). She makes the most wonderful noises when she is outside and wants to be inside. No barking. Just an amazing array of groans and moans and whines and squeaks. It’s hilarious.

The parable of the lost lens and lost car

I was in a large regional centre, half an hour from the caravan park. I had been sent on a mission to buy 600 sausages, 24 loaves of bread, and assorted other items. The first part of the adventure was to check out sausage prices. I had looked in Aldi, the butcher and Coles, and ascertained that Aldi was the cheapest. I then went back to Aldi to buy some sausages. And disaster struck. My eye was itchy. So I rubbed it. Then I couldn’t see. I felt around and couldn’t find the contact. This was bad. Then I found it! But alas! It was too dry to put back in. Luckily I hadn’t put anything in my trolley yet and was able to flee to the pharmacy nearby and get a saline ampoule. I went to a seat and set about fixing the situation.

I rehydrated the lens, then put it back in my eye. It seemed like everything was fixed. But then I tried to read a sign and couldn’t. Who knows why? Multiple choice:

a) My vision had deteriorated suddenly in the last 5 minutes
b) The lens had become distorted while dehydrated and was now non-functional.
c) I had put it back in the wrong eye.

Yes kids, c) is correct. I don’t know how that happened. I was a bit tired that day.

So I took them both out of whichever eye they were in and set about putting them back in and hoping I chose the correct eye for each the first time.

Then I dropped one.

No idea where it went.

So I chucked the other one in the bin.

Then set about finding an optometrist who was open in early January in a large regional centre and could see me straight away. The straight away bit was important as there’s no mobile reception at the caravan park and people might be concerned if it took me 5 hours to buy sausages. Even 600 of them.

The information person at the Coles/Aldi shopping centre told me that there was no optometrist there but the arcade “over there” had one. After asking for clarification once (I couldn’t see what she was pointing at, due to me having no contacts), I pottered off towards where I thought the arcade might be. Three laps of two arcades later, I stumbled upon the optometrist. It was open. Hurrah!

I burst in the door

“I have an optometretrical emergency! I have to buy 600 sausages and my contact lens fell out then I put it in but in the wrong eye then I got the two confused then I dropped one and then I dropped the other one and I am half an hour from my camp site and by myself and can’t drive without being able to see!!”

The optometrist agreed that this was indeed an optometrical emergency and ushered me through straight away. She fitted me with some new lenses, made sure I could see, and didn’t charge me for the consultation.

I returned to the previously abandoned activity of sausage buying. Managed to exhaust the stocks of Aldi bulk sausages, then bought the remainder at Coles. Incidentally the Coles sausages were gluten free. And really quite good. The Aldi sausages weren’t. But as they were $2.50/kg cheaper and they were for a free BBQ, it was prudent to buy as many of them as we could.

I returned to the carpark. And had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where I’d left my car. It was about the second of January and there were lots of sales on and the carpark was a bit of a warzone. So I was being stalked by multiple cars, in an extraordinarily long carpark with lots of speed bumps, with a very heavy trolley and no memory of where my car was. Eventually I ditched the trolley next to a pole and ran to find my car then returned to get the trolley. Who would want to steal all those sausages.

The other problem was that I wasn’t actually finished shopping. So I unloaded all the stuff into my car but had to stop all the time to tell the stalkers that I wasn’t finished and wouldn’t be leaving them my car space.

The second load was less eventful. But once I got it into the car I was so exhausted and frazzled that I asked a lady passing by with an empty trolley if I could stick my trolley on hers to get my $2 deposit back. I was very thankful that she had pity on me.

The End.