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Finally I’ve found my place in the world

On my morning constitutional today, TWO PEOPLE commented that they hadn’t seen me for a while (this is because I have been erratic with my walking times in the last week) and yesterday they had been discussing where I might be. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy. AND the lady I call “the running lady” confirmed my snake sighting.

Although I suppose it’s the absence of Pooka that they probably noticed. Ah well, I’ll take wins when I get them.

Pooka likes puddles

It rained all last night, and was still raining this morning. By about 9:30 I realised that I would have to take Pooka for a walk regardless of the inclement weather.

She really loves fetching in the rain. She also loves playing in the gutters next to the road (the end of my driveway is at the bottom of a hill, so lots of fast-moving water). The park was probably 25% puddle, but she was a whole lot more chasey than she usually is. And she is usually quite a chasey dog.

Eventually once the non-raincoated bits of me were soaked and she had dumped her ball in someone’s backyard, we came home, then stood at the bottom of the driveway for a while while Pooka chased bubbles and stuck her paws in the flow. My job was to haul her out of the gutter when cars approached.

She looks bit like a wild animal when she’s all wet. Sadly I took no photos. Maybe next time.

Further business

Pooka won’t be coming to Alice with me. I don’t think that whoever pays my airfares would pay for her to accompany me… or for accommodation that provides a dog-sitting service during the day. Unfortunately. But then I also don’t want her eaten by snakes or giant scorpions or crocodiles or anything.

Speaking of which, Pooka and I came across a rather large snake on our walk last night. Well, I don’t think Pooka saw it. But I certainly did. I have a serious snake phobia. Which is kind of odd as I’ve never come across a snake in the wild or had any adverse interactions with them. So I saw this thing across the path, about 15m in front of us that looked distinctly snakish… I turned on my heel and made Pooka walk very very quickly out of the bush! Luckily she was on her lead for once. Usually I let her off in the bush because she likes sniffing things and pottering around then running to catch up. But last night for some reason I decided to keep her on her lead. I would have possibly died if she’d come running back to me with a 2 metre long snake in her mouth. *SHUDDER*. I don’t think it was a poisonous one – from where I was it looked like some sort of python with colourful bits on it.

And who knows, it may have just been something that looked like a snake. But I wasn’t going close enough to find out.

In the meantime she can continue eating the hose. That will have to satisfy any desires she has for long things that lie on the ground.

And from the political correspondent…

Australia now has a new Prime Minister – Labor has ended the Liberal Party’s 12ish years in power.

I find it interesting that the Liberal party is actually very conservative. In churchy circles, liberal and conservative tend to oppose each other.

I am happy for a change and voted Labor. I’d just had enough of John Howard, and didn’t particularly want his understudy as PM when he retires either.

Pooka doesn’t really care about the election. But did I mention that she can roll over on command now? Surely “stay” and “come” must soon follow!

Wiblog entry for 24/11/2007

Bah! Firefox froze in the middle of wibloggery.

Summary of what had been said:
1. Pooka makes noises like a canary. Seriously. She chirps.
2. She also likes eating hose fittings and spaghetti bolognaise
3. My first rotation next year is to Alice Springs. For those unfamiliar with Australian geography, Alice Springs is right in the middle of Australia, whereas I am at the far right and down a bit. This is illustrated in the following map:

<img src=””

nb. There were some interesting errors on the map and I think I have fixed most of them (I wouldn’t use this map to plan your holiday in Australia), however the essence of the relative locations of Sydney and Alice Springs is fine.

People you meet #7 – the critic

Today I ran into a PYM#1. She has a dog with emotional troubles. It is apparently scared of Pooka… well, not scared exactly, but it is irritated by her. Problem is that due to its past trauma it doesn’t do much to express this dislike. No snarling, biting, growling, barking – regular irritated dog stuff. But the owner knows. I am working on Pooka’s obedience, but it’s not a miracle cure. And no other owners have reported any problems with her behaviour, in fact most are quite complimentary. But The Critic makes snide comments to her walking companion every time I am dragging my over-exuberant puppy away from Schnookums. Today it was:

“that dog has never learned to read body language”

I will have to enrol her in a class for body language interpretation.


Apologies for the abysmal transmission of late. Normal service may return soon perhaps.

In the meantime, I’m thinking of making something out of gingerbread. Any suggestions as to what?