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further to the news

Actually there isn’t a whole lot of additional news.

Pooka and I just went to the park (without a camera unfortunately) and she rather enjoyed the puddles from this afternoon’s thunderstorm. As I saw the golden retrievers lying around in the mud I was pleased that my dog is black. I’m sure she’s actually quite filthy but I’ve rubbed her down and removed all the superficial grime and she looks good as new.

I’m currently in the midst of oncology block. Oncology is interesting and all, however there are a lot of admin people throwing their weight around and inducing lots of rage. Just an introduction to being a doctor I suppose.

Wiblog entry for 22/10/2007

Good morning everyone. Apologies for the break in transmission. I was having a wiblogging-holiday. Now I am back.

The News
A wading pool has been acquired for Pooka. She does not engage in full immersion, but quite enjoys paddling and washing her tennis balls. She is a very clean dog and likes to wash things that are dirty.

This morning at the park there was a sick dog. It vomited, but did not return to its vomit. I am not sure what the implications of this are for Proverbs 26:11. My dog did attempt to investigate the vomit, but was foiled by the irresistible lure of me throwing a ball in the other direction.

It’s rather hot at the moment. I will be pleased when daylight saving starts so that an 8am walk is still reasonably cool.

I have to go now so the rest of the news will have to wait.

Wiblog entry for 13/10/2007

I have been thinking about wiblogging for the last few days. But have not had much to report on. Oh yes, the second day of exams was less unpleasant than the first, but still not overly enjoyable.

Today I bought a packet of biscuits that had a Lego Hummer in the box! I need to go back and buy more packets so I can get the front end loader as well. Not particularly fussed about the plane. I have improved the design a bit though.

I have also tried the new Mars bar. The Mars Rocks bar (could this be a play on Starburst Sucks?). It is not as good as a Boost.


So exam day #1 is over. It was not fun. Really not fun. Technically I probably should have come straight home and crammed all the neuro, endocrinology, erm.. renal… and other stuff into my head tonight. But I didn’t. I bought an ipod (the new nano, black 8Gb – was thinking the old one, but they’re all sold out and the new one is much sleeker in the flesh than it looks in pictures) to replace my recently deceased Creative Zen Neeon. I think I like it. I have previously been an anti-ipod person, however I think I am ok with their flash memory products. I just get angry at the hard drive models (which may well have improved since they broke all the time!)

Then I sat at the dining room table and played fetch with Pooka (she was under the table). Then the parents came home and there was conversation. And now I’m here. Via the shower.

Only tomorrow to go. Then holidays! Til Monday! Not inclusive!

Very popular

Pooka is currently out on her third walk of the day. And it’s not even midday!

My father took her out at 6am and she did lots of ball chasing. However there were no other dogs out at that time, so no socialising. So then the brother and I just took her out to look for some dogs to play with and she had a rumble with the giant golden retriever, her enormous greyhound X friend and some small white yappy dogs. Then we go home and she sat around for a bit, then the neighbours came in and asked if they could take her for a walk. She seemed up for it, so she’s gone off again.

Hopefully she’ll sleep well tonight!

Things I have found today

1. My Casio fx-100s calculator. I was concerned that I would have to sit an exam with my Sharp calculator. I much prefer the Casio. Not that you really need imaginary numbers in medical exams, but it’s nice to know they’re there.
2. $50. In the menswear section at Big W (while waiting for the brother to find shorts).
3. Pooka’s vaccination card. Well, I haven’t ACTUALLY found it, but I’m remembered where it probably is and can stop looking for it.

Still no adrenaline rush…

I have a large exam on Monday. And Tuesday. Well, it’s a number of exams. Between the hours of 9 and 4:30 on those days.

And I am yet to have reached the level of panic that would see my frantically cramming. Could this be because I know everything? Or perhaps I passed the cram-level long ago and have burnt out? Or I just don’t really care.

Well I do care (hmmm although caring in general is not the same as caring about this exam). And I don’t know everything. And I did work very hard in the last “holidays” (the ones with the exam on the first day back). That was in July. Perhaps I’m still burnt out from July. And there’s a supplementary exam! Surely I couldn’t fail twice!

My thinkgeek package arrived yesterday. THREE DAYS after I ordered it. Pretty good. An “Obey Gravity, It’s the Law” T-shirt for me, a remote controlled forklift for the older brother for Christmas and these advanced cube toys for my younger brother (not for Christmas). Pooka got the box and the brown paper they used to pack the box with. Hehe she likes boxes.

I was particularly impressed with the courier. The guy called me to ask if I’d be home before 2pm and I said no, then asked if he could take it to my mother’s work (about 5 minutes away) and he said that was fine.

Still waiting on my parcel from Queensland!

Wiblog entry for 04/10/2007

I ordered some items from thinkgeek the other day. I like internet parcel tracking. My parcel started in South Plainfield, New Jersey two days ago then checked in from New York City Gateway yesterday (US time). Who knows where it will be next time!

Hmm Pooka has taken up barking. Not for no reason. The little yappy dogs across the back fence are setting her off. She’s usually ok at night. However last night she was a bit persistent… problem being that when I went to put her in her crate in the laundry, I discovered that she has a crate-phobia. So anyway, by the time that we’d established that she would not be going in the crate last night, she was absolutely exhausted and crashed straight away…

Wiblog entry for 03/10/2007

I just ordered one of these for Pooka so that she doesn’t die of thirst on the days when she decides to swim in all her water bowls then turn them over. She already drinks out of the garden tap so I think it should work for her… the alternative is nearly $300 and involves a sonar sensor and stuff. This one appears to be a dog-sized version of a guinea pig water bottle.

People you meet #6 – The relay team

This morning as I strolled down the bush track the man who Pooka tried to round up last week approached. I was a bit apprehensive because I thought he might be angry. But we exchanged pleasantries and all was well. Pooka was on her Chain of Oppression so there were no concerns about her doing her nutso routine today. He overtook me, due to him not having a dog that likes sniffing everything. In fact, he doesn’t have a dog at all!

I trundled along behind him and saw a lady approaching from the other direction. As the approaching lady and the man drew closer, they both raised their right hands. I thought that maybe they had some “gimme five!” routine… or perhaps it was an extended hand-shake manoeuvre. They met, hands made contact, an object was transferred!!! Heroin? Cuban cigars? Swiss bank account details?

A door key.