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Wiblog entry for 27/08/2007

Like Dee, I have also been procrastinating.

Tonight I transferred all the photos from my old computer to my newer computer. It was fun watching iPhoto import them all because I could see the period between buying my camera and getting a new computer flashing before my eyes.

For example, I went to Chicken Village in Vietnam:

I have put a random selection of photos on my Flickr page if anyone is interested. I think I need to upgrade to a pro account. I need more sets!

Wiblog entry for 24/08/2007

So I know how to use Roman numerals, and can work out what date a movie was made if I sit there long enough, but I would like to know why they were so verbose with the system.

For example 99 is written as XCIX. I fail to see why IC couldn’t be 99. Except that it breaks the rules. But if they’d changed the rules, their number system might still be widely used! Except that it is rather hard to do maths with Roman numerals…

Would certainly give the year 12s something to think about if someone suddenly decreed that all maths exams were to use Roman numerals from now on… hehehe

Wiblog entry for 20/08/2007

So yesterday I popped by work to re-install their antiviral software and some other programs. I found my boss being the pharmacist and he was really not very well at all. I didn’t realise this when I first arrived, because although he asked if I wanted to stay til closing, he says that every time I visit. Then I saw the pile of drugs he’d taken to try and get through the day. So I had pity on him and stayed for 9 hours instead of 1. He was so sick he didn’t even care that I was wearing jeans and a pink t shirt. I told him that I’d try to get someone to bring me my “pharmacist suit” but if they couldn’t, I just wouldn’t tell him, and the boss who REALLY cares about such things is away for 3 weeks with her entire family, so there was little risk of me being sprung. That satisfied him, and he left with his drug stockpile.

It would be a bit unreasonable to expect me to go to uni today then wouldn’t it! But I am watching lectures… Only about 6 to go and I’m all caught up!


Kidneys are pretty cool. They do lots of things.

The following words make my head hurt
* Extracellular
* Interstitial
* Intracellular

I know what they all mean, and can use them appropriately, but I can’t use them without thinking about it.

Also, during my previous degree, we said “resorption” instead of “reabsorption” and used mM instead of mmol/L. Resorption saves TWO letters and mM saves FOUR keystrokes (or three if you count using shift to make the big M, however I don’t as they are hit simultaneously). And they save loads of time if one is writing with pen! But in medicine, none of the lecturers seem to use either of those terms. However I am a non-conformist and use them anyway in my notes.

Wiblog entry for 13/08/2007

It’s really quite disgraceful that I have only wiblogged THREE TIMES in August. Outrageous!

And I have no good excuse. And still nothing much to report! Bah!

However today I learned a lot about kidneys. It will still not be anywhere near enough for the grilling I’ll be getting at 9am tomorrow from my tutor who thinks that we should know everything about kidneys before renal block has started (he was quite put out last week when we didn’t know much… which was fairly reasonable in my opinion as we’d been learning about gastrointestinal tracts until 48 hours earlier). He’s a great tutor. But we will be grilled…

Wiblog entry for 09/08/2007

Good day everyone!

Deary me I have been rather remiss in my wiblogging this week.

There is possible progress on the dog front, however I’ll find out more about that later… possibly tonight… but not allowed to get excited because it’s by no means set in stone… or even in jelly. I have to keep my mother from getting too clucky too! She was very excited when she heard about the potential dog.

But my dog now has a bowl – my mother bought it yesterday. It’s blue stainless steel with a non-slip base. Blue is a good colour because dogs can see blue. Although I suppose that dogs would generally be more excited by the smell of their food than by the colour of the bowl. Hmmm perhaps we need a picture of my dog’s bowl. Would anyone like to see it?

In other news, last night I did my tax return and will get back a nice potload of money – more than I thought! I love tax returns. I don’t love them quite as much when I am earning enough to pay back my uni debts, however this year I was a sufficiently impoverished student to not have any HECS/HELP (HECS stood for Higher Education Contribution Scheme… it was replaced with HELP a few years ago. HELP might stand for Higher Education Loan Scheme… but I don’t know) repayments taken out. AND they gave me a tax offset for being a low income earner. AND they’ve removed the stupid rule where if you’re a student for half the year and move into full time employment, you have a reduced tax free threshold (which doesn’t apply to me this year but it was a stupid rule because students who work are already paying tax with the normal tax free threshold – that rule cost me a couple of thousand dollars last time I graduated). The final AND was that the whole process took less than half an hour. I am a tax-filing demon! Even with three employers, government benefits, uni debts, private health fund and a sponsor child!

In yet more other news, I am doing a load of washing. There’s a slight problem in that I seem to have run out of clothes to wear today. However hopefully I’ll find something to maintain my modesty when I go out in a few hours… oh! Which reminds me! I have another picture to post if it hasn’t been thrown out!

summary of the weekend

I thought this was a great sign:
<img src=”″

Look what I built!
<img src=”″

Wiblog entry for 03/08/2007

Finally a weekend. It seems like a long time since my last weekend…

Gastro block has now ended. Which is sad. All the poo talk was kinda fun. However now it’s kidneys and reproduction so I suppose there will still be plenty of childish humour potential for the next 8 weeks anyway. 8 weeks? Something like that.

I have still not recovered from my plague. However I went to see my GP today to tell her that I have had a plague for the last 2 weeks. I predicted that she would say “it’s a virus”. And I would reply “I know. I just wanted sympathy”. Sure enough this is what happened. Clearly I have very good insight… heh.

In other news, I think I will get back to watching Scrubs season 5. Hopefully with some sort of food that contains sugar… I’m a bit sickly you see, need the extra calories to help me heal…