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Wiblog entry for 30/07/2007

Further to the discussion on geeks vs nerds, I think that I am a nerd. I am competent with computers, and spend a lot of time with them, however I am not particularly interested in… why they work. I just like to know what they do. And I have too many other interests to be a geek. I am a multi-dimensional dynamic nerd. I have many interests and they change frequently.

Although Dee is surely a geek and she doesn’t just do computers…

Hmmm it is a complex issue.

saving time

So I decided to read the Deathly Hallows spoiler thread on Ship of Fools. This way I won’t have to worry if people discuss the book before I read it (which they very well may as I don’t have plans to read it any time soon), and I have the benefits of the insight of those who are into HP so that I might sound nerdier in conversation.

Bimble asked a few days ago, what the difference is between a nerd and a geek. I think geek is a more computer-specific term than nerd. If I knew someone who was (in my mind) irrationally interested in, say, butterflies…. or Shakespeare, they would be a butterfly-nerd, or a Shakespeare-nerd. Although I think that geek would also work for people who like electronics stuff (like building crystal radios and collecting Enigma machines) but not computers. However such people would be few and far between.

Wiblog entry for 27/07/2007

There is not much to report. It has been a rather long week (well no longer than any other, if you want to get all technical) but nothing that makes good blog fodder really.

However thankfully someone gave me some plague which manifested on Wednesday and today I am using that as an excuse to not go to uni (I have symptoms dammit!). Unfortunately I still have to work tonight. And all day tomorrow. And Sunday morning. But at least I don’t have to go to uni and get all annoyed first 😀

And this is the first time I have truanted something where attendance is required. That’s pretty good!

Wiblog entry for 23/07/2007

Today the gate guy came and put in gates. So now I can get a dog 😀

The inguinal region is still somewhat mysterious, however I know the different ways it can herniate, so that’s a start. I’m not sure that I would be able to make a plasticine model that was appropriate for posting on my wiblog… Unless I made it to have clothes on!

In other news, today I went to buy two lemons and came home with eight because it was cheaper to buy eight than two. The saying goes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Or something like that. I don’t think I’ll make lemonade. But I’d like to make something. Something tasty…

How excited am I about Harry?

I am not particularly excited at all. I will probably see the new movie at some point, and I will read the book, also at some point. And when I read the book and the character dies (whoever it is), it will be sad. But I’ll move on. It probably won’t have a lasting impact on how I face the world. Unless the book grows wings and can fly. That’d be cool. If I had a flying book I might do things differently. For instance it could hover next to me and I could put my hot chocolate on it. Or I could make it kill cockroaches that are on the ceiling and too high for me to reach with spray or a levitationally-limited book.

So when someone finishes the book and has passed it on to all their family members who have been hanging out for #7, and they’ve all read it, and it’s sitting on a shelf, then I will borrow it and read it. But there’s no hurry.

In other news, last night I had Thai (mmmmm) and a mixture of lemon/lime/bitters and beer (also rather good. I am still allergic to beer). I watched 7 episodes of scrubs while reading about the anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall and the inguinal region. Which is all a bit mysterious still but we’re getting there.

Wiblog entry for 21/07/2007

I have now done more than half my Rubik’s cube. I am now up to what my brother calls “the hard bit”.

Out of the 7 people present at my tutorial yesterday (tutor included), 6 ate liquorice. I think this is slightly above average. Although the liquorice was in the form of the greatest bullets ever. So that could have skewed the statistics a bit.

In other news, I need to decide what to have for dinner tonight. The main criteria are that it’s take-away of some sort and that there’s a petrol station nearby. The big three options are Thai, Indian and pizza. I had Indian last week so it’s not at the top. The brother had pizza yesterday. But I did point out that he likes pizza and could tolerate it a second time. He agreed. It may end up being Thai. Ooh and I can watch my Scrubs dvd.

But surely there is food that isn’t one of those three things. There is Chinese… but I don’t want that… McDonalds/KFC… nah…. the brother doesn’t like fish (he’s not just having chips for dinner!)… bbq chicken…

Wiblog entry for 19/07/2007

There is not much to report. Hence I haven’t reported anything.

I have done 7/9 of one side of a Rubik’s cube.

And there is only one slice of birthday cake left.

And at this point my sore neck is probably not meningitis, as I have no fever. Perhaps it’s a sore neck. Seems possible.

My heater smells like burning if you turn it on high. But it only sometimes smells like burning on the low setting.

It’s cold. Woolen socks may have a significant impact on foot coldness. Further studies required.

Wiblog entry for 16/07/2007

So the faculty decided to celebrate my birthday with exams from 9-4:30 (an hour off for lunch) in a FREEZING room! So cold! My feet are still not defrosted!

Ah well. Exam was much better than predicted. Then went to the place formerly known as My Favourite Korean Restaurant in Sydney. It is now not my favourite for the following reasons: bbq chilli squid no longer on the menu! Service garbage (when there are only two tables and 6 staff, it shouldn’t be that hard to get more water). No longer willing to split the bill. The magic is gone. Luckily there are four other Korean restaurants close by to the TPFKAMFKRIS. At least one has bbq chilli squid on the menu.

That is not to say the food was bad – it was fine. But the experience was disappointing compared to last time. Good time with friends though 🙂

never underestimate the ganglia

So my brain hurts. Well actually my brain doesn’t have any pain receptors. So it doesn’t literally hurt. It figuratively hurts. I may have a sore head, but that would be because my blood vessels or meninges or scalp or skull or something were inflamed. Or it could be from my neck… but not the brain! Not even the basal ganglia!

In other news, it is a good afternoon to have a nap. However I have an exam tomorrow. And still have only done half of on of the things on my agenda. But… sleeping may help to unlock the secrets of brain that I have been struggling with….

Wiblog entry for 15/07/2007

So my combined mid-year break and stuvac is drawing to a close. Oh my we will all go back to university refreshed and relaxed and ready for more learning! Or not. Dear person who decided to put this exam on the first day back: bad idea. Really.

Today I have two things on my agenda. The basal ganglia and the stupid articles about how kids eat too many doughnuts and it’s society’s fault and stuff like that (which is important and all, it’s more the exam question that will be on the topic is likely to be fairly vague or obscure or otherwise weird). The basal ganglia are spinning me out a bit. I was very excited when I arrived at chapter 16 in my textbook last night because I’d been looking forward to the basal ganglia. I thought that once I’d read that chapter, everything would fall into place. Well some things definitely have. Other things are just a bit too confusing. The basal ganglia are deep in the white matter of the cerebral hemispheres. The substantia nigra is one of them. But it’s in the midbrain, which is a part of the brainstem. Yet it’s also counted as being in the hemispheres. Or something. I haven’t really finished reading because it was late and I thought such things could be left until morning.

So that is what I am going to do now.