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Wiblog entry for 30/06/2007

So I have just filed most of my pile of stuff from banks, uni, health fund, government, car people and similar organisations. And I have left a few things that I don’t wish to throw out yet, but they don’t belong in my file of important documents^

At the moment the pile contains:
* Three Dave Walker Calendars^ (different years)
* A nutritional information brochure for McDonalds. It’s really enormous. Has every regular item on the Australian McDonalds menu on it.
* A print-out of guitar chords
* Some pages of medical abbreviations
* Information booklets about copyright laws in relation to recipes and ideas

There will be some other things, but they’re currently in the unsorted pile or the other unsorted pile. Or in one of my four in-trays.

Clearly I need a file of unimportant documents. But how would I organise it? Would I need a whole filing cabinet? A filing room? A library? Perhaps a bunker?

^ It could be argued that a Dave Walker calendar is an important document and hence deserves a place in my file of important things. I agree that it is an important document, however it’s fairly unlikely that I will be required to submit it for tax purposes or to prove who I am in the event of my identity being stolen.

very eventful

My car had its first flat tyre today. It was very well timed because:

a) it wasn’t raining
b) I wasn’t on my way to anywhere
c) it was not night
d) My father was home 😀

I watched attentively and could do it myself if required. However I’m going to make my brother put the proper wheel back on when he gets home on Wednesday. I made an illustrated guide for him with photos of what he needs to do. My brother and I don’t like instructions without pictures.

Maybe I should publish my how to change a tyre guide…

Wiblog entry for 30/06/2007

On the train line between the western suburbs and Sydney (yes people, sometimes I do go beyond the north shore – why yesterday I went to Blacktown AND Parramatta!), there is a building for a company that deals in scrap metal. The company is Australian I gather. Because their wall boldly proclaims AUSSCRAP

I think that I would probably have either put a space in there, or maybe considered calling the company Aussie Scrap or ScrapAus or something…

Wiblog entry for 29/06/2007

Hurrah for two weeks of holidays. There is no exclamation mark because these are really just two weeks of stuvac cunningly disguised as holidays – exam on first day back. I need to learn haematology, cardiology and respiratory stuff mainly.

Was going to have dinner with friends tonight but appear to have run out of energy. Ah well. Instead I will think about somehow clearing some floor space. I don’t understand how I make so much mess in such a short time. I am truly gifted in that regard.

and in the second quarter, productivity was down.

I have done absolutely no study today. However I have accomplished a few other things. And there is more to life than medicine. Or so I’m told.

The parents seem a bit transfixed by the webcam of the Pasha Bulker. The Pasha Bulka is the ship that ran aground at Newcastle (NSW) a few weeks ago (Ian reported on this story at the time!). I hope that link works – my computer doesn’t like newspaper webcams so I can’t tell.. but it looks like it should.

There are two things about their obsession with the webcam that amuse me:

1. The ship has run aground. It’s not doing anything
2. It’s dark!!!

I suppose it could be said that the Yay family has interesting tastes in entertainment.

Yay discusses iced tea

So I am not feeling particularly inspired tonight. Perhaps it’s because my feet are half-frozen. Surely no-one can expect creativity from someone with half-frozen feet.

I could talk about whether iced tea is an acquired taste or not. I would say probably. I don’t buy it very frequently, but when I do it’s the flavoured stuff, sometimes lemon flavoured green tea (I’m not sure how much green tea is actually in it…). However the one that was in my car was that flavour and it was WAY too sweet. I believe I had to dilute it to about 30% of the original strength before it was palatable (good thing I had lots of other water bottles in my car for decanting purposes!).

There are two “big” brands of iced tea – Nestle and Lipton. I think the crazily sweet one was Nestea green with lemon. I don’t remember Lipton being too bad, but I tend to dilute most non-carbonated soft drinks significantly. Which is weird really because I do have quite a high sugar tolerance. I guess I prefer eating sugar to drinking it. Except when I have Fanta cravings that is. Oh and thickshakes.

There is another brand at uni that is imported from somewhere in Asia and it’s (I think) green tea with honey. I don’t like that one, however I imagine it’s a taste I could acquire if I persisted. I’m not going to persist because I usually just drink water and have no need to take up green tea with honey. Especially when there’s Fanta to be had.

Then there’s “real” iced tea. I’ve never had that. Maybe it’s good… but again, I usually prefer water.

end tally

There were 8 bottles of variable filledness in the back of my car.

6 were water, one was iced tea (no longer iced), the other was Fanta. Occasionally I have Fanta cravings.

good intentions

I am thinking about cleaning out my car. It sounds like it has a lot of half empty drink bottles in it. When I go around corners it sloshes.

Either that or the back seat is flooded.

Wiblog entry for 25/06/2007

I have finished all my lectures. Hurrah for me! The last lecture starts in 7 minutes in real time. I watched the one from last year – complications of peptic ulcers haven’t changed much in the last 12 months.

I need to buy envelopes. And do something with the piles of paper on my floor. I am using so much less paper than I did before my macbook, but it’s still a lot… I could just shred it all I suppose, but some of it may be useful!

Also need to have a sleep.

So much to do!

Wiblog entry for 25/06/2007

Good morning everyone.

Today is a uni at home day. I have just watched “Complications of Peptic Ulcers” and am about to embark on “Pancreas, Liver and Spleen”. This will be followed by “Chronic Diarrhoea” (the lecture, not the experience hopefully).

Last night my friend gave me an anatomy cube (see how they work at the company site). Why have I never learned from a cube before?! It’s perfect! It is good for fiddling with, it’s informative, I don’t understand how it works… awesome!

Hmmm I had better be off to learn some pancreas, liver and spleen stuff…