Monthly Archives: May 2007

a message for people who flog dispensing software to pharmacies

Dear people,

Were you aware that 99.5% of pharmacists are functionally computer illiterate? Do you think think that it would be a good idea to write software that can be used by more than the enlightened 0.05%? I do.

I don’t understand why, in 2007, I should have to spend an hour trying to work out the new software package at my mother’s pharmacy (I was picking her up) when the problem seems to be that:
a) The June update files need to be run
b) When you attempt to download the files, the software insists that they are already downloaded
c) When you select “run updates”, the MS-DOS prompt (for a Windows program) states that it is installing the July 2001 updates.
d) When the computer literate daughter eventually locates and extracts the Jun 2007 update files (this takes a while because this company seems unaware that the NHS ceased to exist long ago and has been the PBS/Medicare Australia for the last five years.
e) Trying to run the extracted files manually achieves SOMETHING, however the update log says that the file was corrupted.
f) Opening the dispensing software after this, the error message is different to the one before. But it still insists that the update has not been done AND the update files are present. There is no way to download the update files again.

For goodness sake, it’s a Windows program on a computer with broadband, why on earth isn’t there a button inside the program that says “do whatever you have to do to update my software for the new month”?

discovery of the day

Today I discovered that Safari can do tabbed browsing. This is very pleasing because Safari copes much better with the switch between home and uni networks than Firefox does, however the lack of tabs was making me sad. But then my fellow Mac-friend told me that there was a tabs preference under… preferences! Hurrah!

In other news I have finished Anne of Windy Poplars (I don’t understand why it’s now poplars and used to be willows), which I read because I knew it wasn’t sad like Rilla of Ingleside. I will now be taking a break from L. M. Montgomery. Recreational reading matter will possibly be The Poisonwood Bible (picked up from the Red Cross shop for $3 – I bargained up from $2… I don’t think I’ve ever haggled up before). Or possibly I will stop procrastinating and get on with more useful reading.


The brother seems to think that my invention is currently not possible. So I’ll share it here in case someone would like to do the impossible.

I would like a cable or a plug that transfers charge from my mp3 player to my phone. Or vice versa. So if I’m out and my phone is flat but my mp3 player isn’t, I can decant the charge from one to the other. I think that would be very useful 😀

Apparently this would involve overriding the software in the mp3 player that stops the power flowing out….

Bah! Hasn’t the world heard of energy gradients?!

Wiblog entry for 28/05/2007

Lecture: something to do with type 1 diabetes. Insulin is important. Hypos are not good.

I’ve had an idea for an invention. I can’t decide whether to explain it here or not. It’s unlikely that I’d get around to actually inventing the thing I have in mind. And I would like someone else to do it for me. But then, if it already exists, I’d like to know that before I invent it.


I just examined my bank statement online (I do this occasionally after my credit card fraud incident last year) and found that my bank has REFUNDED me $3.71 of a $4 overseas ATM withdrawal fee (I suppose from when I was in NZ… in January.. although it doesn’t say when this overseas transaction fee that has now been partially refunded was incurred). That is really really strange. Because I’m a student I’m exempt from most fees, but overseas and non-my bank withdrawals are not waived. And why would they wait four months to refund it? All very odd. Maybe it’s actually a refund from Vietnam… that was about 15 months ago. Or perhaps Switzerland in 1998?

Ah well, I’m sure they’ll reclaim it some other way.

Didn’t end up watching Sylvania Waters. Stayed to the end of the murder show, then watched some of Parkinson until I finished the cranial fossae. Not because I was particularly interested in Parkinson, but I couldn’t be bothered to change channels as there really wasn’t anything else on. And the Vicar was still upstairs. Which is quite pathetic because “upstairs” is only 6 stairs. More of a psychological boundary I suppose. Something very unnatural about opposing gravity. They don’t call it a law for nothing!

Now I would like someone to get home so that I can announce my banking windfall before I go to bed. Perhaps this counts as an announcement?

Wiblog entry for 26/05/2007

Good evening everyone,

So I am having a big night tonight. Anatomy of the skull, Vicar of Dibley and Iron Chef. Obviously I’m not watching the Vicar at the same time as Iron Chef. However anatomy works ok with tv. Oh yes, and my computer is here too. I’m not into mono-tasking. Why do one thing at a time well when you can do three things badly?

Interestingly I thought that the ingredient for Iron Chef was cheese, but it’s actually spinach. They just happened to use cheese in every dish and the commentators talked a lot about cheese. I suppose it explains why the chefs put spinach in their desserts. I quite liked the dessert that included layers of cheese, spinach and strawberries in a sort of parfait arrangement.

Anatomy news – I think that “bregma” is a great name for the junction of the saggital and coronal sutures.

Hmmm will run into a tv problem when Iron Chef finishes. I suppose there is always season three of the Vicar. But that’s upstairs. I do see that Sylvania Waters (reality tv 1992 style) is on ABC2 at 10! I think I will spend the half hour interval on ABC with some sort of murder investigation show…

Wiblog entry for 25/05/2007

So there’s this dog that I’ve seen the last few days in a street near my house. It’s small and white with a brown face. And it stands in the middle of the road. The first time I saw it, I thought it must just be a local dog that had escaped temporarily. But then it was there tomorrow. So I pulled over and approached on foot. The poor thing was absolutely petrified. I sat on the ground for a while, and it did come up to me but then shied away as soon as I moved. It has a collar and tag, however reading the tag will require catching of the dog.

Last night it wasn’t there when I drove past. But then this afternoon the brother and I saw it again, and we did some very gentle cornering manoeuvres (we were there for about half an hour I think), however had no luck. We did, however, manage to avoid getting in trouble for trespassing on at least three front yards. But it looked like it had a sore hind leg – I’m fairly sure it wasn’t avoiding walking on that leg yesterday. 🙁

I went back just then, with some food, and some advice from a fellow med student who did half a vet degree. But no sign of the dog. I think I’ll go tomorrow morning.

Hopefully it likes thai, as that’s the only food in the house at the moment. It’s not very spicy… I know from the oreo ad that I can’t give it chocolate, so that means I had better not give it a bowl of milo flakes…