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two hours later

I have now watched all the faculty-endorsed video clips on hip examination.

Then it was time for dinner. So the brother and I watched Degrassi Junior High. I love digital tv because it means the ABC broadcasts lots of gems from the past. Hopefully Press Gang will get an airing when Degrassi is finished!

Kneeward ho!

faffing around

So someone has spent a large amount of today and yesterday sleeping instead of studying. Although my guilty conscience must have caught up with me because I just dreamed that I’d forgotten how to examine visual fields. Which, now I come to think of it, I probably haven’t.

But it’s still only 5pm. So tonight I will be:
* Revising neuro motor exams per the bets of the mighty chinaski
* Watching the videos on the website of how to do musculoskeletal exams. Last year I watched the videos that came with my textbook but this was a bad move – the textbook was written by gastroenterologists or endocrinologists or something and the sequence they examined the knee in did not make the examiners happy.
* Revising where to stick ECG leads.
* And peak flow meters. Possibly spirometry but I feel that’s much less likely as they’d need a lot of spirometers.
* Cardiovascular examination
* Oh hell, let’s look at respiratory as well
* And lymph nodes.

That should take me through to bed time. Although it looks like a lot of work. Maybe I’d better go and buy some chocolate to sustain me?

Wiblog entry for 22/04/2007

So today I need to do rather a lot of study. I am really not very good at doing rather a lot of study as I tend to be very easily distracted and find things that are much more… not interesting… more… immediately gratifying… engaging? Something like that.

I have an OSCE on Tuesday. OSCE stands for Objective Structured Clinical Examination (I think). There are 6 “stations”, each with a different scenario or task. They can be on any topic that we’ve covered so far in the course. There’s a fair amount of speculation about what the stations will be, and all we know is that they will be “approximately 50% history taking and 50% examination, possibly with a procedural skill included too”. A procedural skill would take the place of an examination station.

So my money is on:
* A neurological examination. Vision perhaps.
* A cardiovascular examination of some type – possibly “the chest” or something like that.
* A symptom history – breathlessness
* A history of a disease – something haematological… maybe anaemia.
* A medication history.

Wiblog entry for 20/04/2007

I’ve had a number of google hits regarding the use of Benefiber in cats and dogs. I don’t see why this would be a problem. It’s just fibre. As long as the animal has sufficient water with it – otherwise it might get constipated. Oh the irony that fibre supplements can cause constipation! But when you think about why I use it in gingerbread – for strength! – it makes sense. And the fact that it’s guar GUM. Yes, like chewing gum. But not as tasty.

I wonder if animals get enough fibre. Some of them only seem to eat meat. That can’t be good for digestion.

what were they thinking?

The faculty clowns who put three hour stupid tutorials on Friday afternoons after a 3 hour break are not my friends.

The faculty clowns who told the uni to put a wireless access point outside my tute room window are my friends.

My tutor who brings us snacks every Friday is also my friend. This week it’s chips (ie. crisps). I haven’t had salt and vinegar chips for years. They are really good. I am considering having a second flavour… tossing up between cheese/chives and smokey bbq. Such a tough choice!

roads that make me laugh

Sometimes I think that the people who deal with making traffic flow just throw their hands in the air and give up. There are three particular places on Sydney roads that always make me smile.

We have fairly garbage major roads leading from the suburbs into the city, and most of them in my area have “floating lanes” – ie. the lane goes in one direction in the morning and the other direction in the afternoon. But then other parts of these roads have concrete median strips so some creative merging and diverging is required. Sometimes it’s just too hard, so they put up a sign that says “No Lanes Marked” and let everyone fight it out among themselves. There are two of these near my house and one can have hours of fun watching near misses as people realise that they’re not in a lane anymore.

The third place that makes me giggle is on the Iron Cove Bridge, traveling into the city in the afternoon. Up until the bridge there are three lanes, however the bridge only gives you two lanes when you’re going against the flow. Rather than saying “left lane merge” or something like that, they just erase all lane markings and say “Form two lanes”. But whose lanes stay? Sure it’s convention for the left lane to end, but when that happens it’s usually specified. Does the middle lane divide itself between the two outer lanes? Do the left two lanes combine? Or the right two lanes?

There are quite often collisions on that bridge. I can’t say I’m surprised.

always be prepared

So the scene was my tutorial at my hospital yesterday, the tutor was arranging for one student in the group to perform a vision test on another student under exam conditions.

Tutor: oh dear! How will I ever get this eye chart to stay in the right place?
Yay: Oh! I have some blu tack… in my hand!!

Questions were asked about whether I had been carrying the blu tack around for the last 3 years waiting for a moment like that. I will leave that for you to decide.

so many discoveries

So this evening I made up a batch of baked oatmeal mixture. It has to sit overnight (although who’s to say that a few hours wouldn’t suffice?) and this is not good when one has a hankering for some baked oatmealy goodness. So I pondered this for a while, then placed an amount (perhaps a third of a cup?) in a small ramekin, covered it with plastic wrap, and microwaved it for 30 seconds. Then another 10 seconds.

I was rather pleased with the result. It wasn’t as dense as the baked version (cooking oaty things in the microwave tends to result in lots of… aeration… if cooking porridge, always use a much larger vessel than you think you need), but was a cohesive ramekin shaped bundle of goodness. I poured a little milk over it, however this was mainly to reduce the temperature to a comfortable level. I was impatient you see. I would be interested to see how it turned out if I were to let it cool. Maybe it would… densify into the correct… density. My reference density is from eating it cold (with a drizzle of golden or maple syrup on top perhaps, or often just plain) so I really don’t know what it should be like when hot.

Tip: make your baked oatmeal in muffin dealies if you don’t wish to eat it all at once. Well, if you feel it would be imprudent to eat it all at once. You will WANT to eat it all at once. Mmmmmm.