ah so innocent

Today I was asked to inspect some suspicious looking cigarettes that a woman had found in her daughter’s room. I looked, I sniffed, I wasn’t too sure. I called my pharmacy student. She wasn’t sure either. We opened one up to get a better look at the contents. My student said some particular bits were fairly diagnostic of naughtiness. We sniffed again. Hmmmm yes. Poor lady. I recommended that she try not to get pulled over on her way home. She concurred.

2 thoughts on “ah so innocent

  1. aw…rats. that’s disappointing – for the mother. i hope there is peace in her household, and there are supports in place for the family. are you doing clinicals…? or did she randomly approach you on the street? my, that would be a job, wouldn’t it?!

    …found your scholarship yet? good luck 🙂

  2. Ah this was at work with my pharmacy hat on. I hope it all works out ok for them.

    Hmm no scholarships yet..

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