Wiblog entry for 24/04/2007

I have terrible posture. And I can’t find a position to study in that doesn’t screw up my back. A friend told me that I have to use my abdominal muscles to sit up instead of my back and shoulder muscles. Or something like that. However I don’t think I have any abdominal muscles. I’m having a lot of trouble locating them. Possibly atrophy due to disuse…

Maybe some sort of harness would help… or a scribe…

If I get a chance, tomorrow I will try and remove the arms from my desk chair so that I can sit cross legged on it. I am yet to find a seated position that doesn’t hurt me that involves my feet being on the floor.

In other news, we get a bonus public holiday in Sydney this year in September. I am very pleased about this. I can’t think why the powers that be don’t declare more frequent bonus public holidays. Well, I can think of a few reasons… but I would like more!

In more other news, I have a few things to report on but really am not in a very typey mood today. Perhaps tomorrow I will be seized with motivation.

7 thoughts on “Wiblog entry for 24/04/2007

  1. I have terrible posture too – I’m like a clumsy awkward teenager! I sit at my computer in a squatting position on my chair – which makes people think I’m very weird, but it’s the only position I’m really comfortable in. I don’t like my feet being on the floor either.

    There are supposedly desk seats you can buy that put you automatically in the right posture – I keep meaning to buy myself one, but I’ve never got round to it. They look kind of uncomfortable!

  2. Have you tried sitting on one of those big exercise balls? Can’t think of name for them now. No back so eventually you have to sit properly just to balance. Or one of thoe seats where you rest knees on a cross bar and there is no back to lean on.

  3. I’m with Jan, I was about to suggest the same thing… Those swiss balls are good for posture issues.

  4. I have heard good things about those swiss balls. Also, a colleague at work has some form of back rest she places against the seat and back of the chair which keeps her back straight. I’ll find out the name and let you know. Good luck!

  5. I have terrible posture too. I find that the Swiss ball is quite good but a little bit awkward if you worked in a few different places like I did.

    I even had the Health and Safety Officer at work pull me up for sitting ‘badly’ (I was sitting with one leg under me and the back rest at my side. Terrible!

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