I’ve been cookin

The photos aren’t very good as they’re taken on my laptop camera in very bad light, however they do give the general idea of the project.

Now what makes this construction particularly noteworthy is that it’s gluten-free. I started out to invent gluten free gingerbread at 2:50pm today after an epiphany. See I was reading hints and tips on gluten free cookery and saw that for structural stability I would need to replace gluten with something similarly sticky. There were a few suggestions – xantham gum, guar gum and something else. I pondered this for a while. Then! I realised that Benefiber is PURE GUAR GUM! Bah hah! And I happen to have a jar of Benefiber in my room for when I wish to surreptitiously boost my family’s fibre intake (it’s tasteless and can be mixed into anything without altering the texture).

So I hunted down a recipe for regular gingerbread and made the following adaptations:

  • Replaced 400g plain flour with 300g GF All purpose flour and 100g rice flour
  • Added a tablespoon and a 6th of a cup of Benefiber (the reason for the 6th of a cup was that my tablespoon was then covered in syrup by the time I thought I needed to add more fibre)
  • Replaced 4 tablespoons treacle with 2 tablespoons golden syrup and 2 tablespoons molasses
  • Added an extra half an egg when it seemed that more moisture was needed (anyone want half an egg?)
  • Used cornflour as a rolling medium

And it tastes great! I think I’d use a bit less Benefiber next time, but other than that I’m very pleased. The resulting product is strong, tastes like gingerbread and looks like gingerbread.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been cookin

  1. As long as the corn flour wasn’t wheaten cornflour. I don’t know how you can have wheaten corn flour, but you can.
    Nice cake!

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