someone loves us

So this morning I walked into my tutorial room to find that our old computer – PC, circa 1999, monitor only worked when in a very specific location and made electrical crackly noises when moved – had been replaced with a SHINY NEW BEAUTIFUL iMAC!!!! Because it’s new and shiny and has an Intel chip it’s running Windows because the faculty likes Windows. But I can deal with that. It’s not a fire hazard! And it’s new! And really pretty!

In other news, as soon as this painfully slow self-directed tutorial grinds to a halt, it’s holiday time. I will be spending a lot of my holidays learning neuroanatomy and stuff. At the moment we are puzzling over the fate of dopamine from neurones killed off in Parkinson Disease. Blind Guide Dogs spring to mind.

3 thoughts on “someone loves us

  1. If you had a blind guide dog, you could get another dog to guide that dog. It’d be like russian nesting dolls or something.

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