some people are sick!

And then they cough all over you! And you get sick too!

Well that’s the only explanation I can give for waking up at 9pm (yes, PM) with a sore throat.

Yet they don’t cough that little bit extra that might give me a day off uni (er like a legitimate day, not just the ones I don’t go to because I don’t feel like it). I find this to be abominable conduct.

And I don’t have a cough. I probably can’t even muster a fever. Gah! Where’s the justice?!

3 thoughts on “some people are sick!

  1. As a trainee medical type personage it is your duty not to contract sicknesses brought in by patients. Where would we be if all Dr’s, nurses and cleaners went around spreading infectious diseases to us taxpayers?

  2. I’ve got a fever, cough, cold and sore throat you can have, for free (I’m generous like that), courtesy of people who insist on trekking into work whilst hideously infectious and then sitting at their desks coughing and spluttering and moaning about how bad they feel.

  3. *Ahem* I have caught no plagues from patients. It’s staff and friends who are the problem!

    And I am currently sitting next to someone who’s had a mycobacterial chest infection since December… hmmmm

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