clearing lists

I have a few lists happening at the moment. My daily activities are not dictated by my lists, however when I’m at a loose end I can consult them and see if there’s anything I’m meant to be doing. This evening I have been working on my “terms that come up in things I am reading that I need to look up but didn’t want to at the time to maintain my studious momentum” list. I finally know what sarcoidosis is. Well actually I don’t. As it’s primarily diagnosed on the basis of excluding everything else that could be causing the symptoms. And as it has protean clinical presentations, who knows if it’s one disease or many anyway? Protean is a word that was on the list mentioned above.

Sometimes things stay on a list for a long time. For example emptying my paper/plastic bottle recycling bin into the big paper and recycling bins. That was on the list for weeks. Finally I did it yesterday. So now I can carry on disposing of paper and water bottles as before.

Other items are no sooner on the list than they are crossed out. This is due to an efficiency technique called “retrospective to-do listing”, developed by me a few minutes ago. Even if it wasn’t on the list before you did it, it’s nice to see some evidence of productivity when the rest of the items on the list languish there for weeks… months… etc.

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  1. Retrospective to-do listing! I do that. It makes it even better with a official sounding label.

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