a busy day

So I have fulfilled my citizenly duty and given my opinion on who shouldn’t be running NSW. Now that’s a good idea… they should run backwards elections! Where you vote primarily for who you don’t want… and whoever gets the least votes wins.

Then I bought ingredients.

Then I made an orange poppyseed syrup cake.

And THEN I made a flourless chocolate cake. With 70% cocoa lindt (it was on special).

Then when the brother gets home with my car, I will drive to his girlfriend’s house and pick her up and we shall hopefully drive to the mountains for a beach mission reunion where I will present my cakeyness and eat salad and cake as I haven’t bought any meat to BBQ. The brother isn’t coming because he will be at a buck’s night. The girlfriend is a bit scared of me so I have to remind myself to behave. And not reel off my list of rules when she gets in the car…

Rules of Passenging in the Car of Yay

  • No farting without prior opening of windows or switching air-con off recirculate
  • All sentences must contain all of the vowels
  • The person in the passenger seat is in charge of passing the car lollies
  • Tuna sandwiches are forbidden
  • Yay navigates creatively and must be praised upon arrival at the desired location
  • The word “got” is frowned upon
  • As is “nauseous” when “nauseated” is the intended meaning
  • New rules may be invented and enforced at any time

8 thoughts on “a busy day

  1. "All sentences must contain all of the vowels"

    That sentence doesn’t contain U, so breaks your own rule.

  2. Ahem Lurker you seem to have forgotten that a) these are rules for passengers and b) I may alter the rules at any time.

  3. i very much like the creative method of navigation – it adds a bit of excitement (and oodles of time) to the trip!

  4. no garlic sauce on your kebabs (note, you can eat kebabs) … no comments AT ALL on the driving – driver has actually made people (younger brother type people) get out and walk home … driver is most definitely only one in charge of fan, air speed, aircon, radio/CD player – unless she chooses to give that right to someone else 🙂 …hmmm what else ….

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