a trip to the store

I just bought a new watch. It was quite an amusing exercise.

Setting the scene: Yay and brother of Yay are standing in the watch department valiantly trying to find someone to bust the desired watch out of the glass case. The brother starts making noises with his finger on the glass cases… another customer also searching for assistance joins in making a racket. A member of staff wearing a lab coat walks past. Yay considers asking her what research she is involved in and whether she could explain redox because it’s always been a bit beyond her. Finally a member of staff not wearing a lab coat or a bright pink Model t-shirt appears. Yay arm wrestles the other customer for access to the member of staff and is victorious. Well I got there first anyway. Fast forward to the bit after I’ve handed over my card…

DJs Staff 1: Oh dear I can’t find the swatch cases!
Yay: Ah that’s ok, I don’t usually keep my watches in cases anyway
DJs Staff 1: Hmmm well I’ll have to give you the stand….
Yay: erm well I don’t actually need the stand…
DJs1: Ah but you have to take it because if there’s a stand without a watch on it, they’ll think it’s been stolen!
Yay: so I just have to find a dumpster in a dark alley and dispose of the stand there?
DJs1: Yes. Wanders off to find a bag to put the stand in. The watch didn’t require a bag due to it being on my wrist
DJs2 enters the scene. She is the lab coat adorned member of staff mentioned earlier. Clearly the research department work longer hours than the watch specialists?
DJs2: Oh what a cute watch! Peers closer at the face of the watch Oh! But it’s dead! [You’ll need to click on the link to work out why]
Yay: Pause… Well, you can’t save ’em all!

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  1. I clicked on the link and I’m still none the wiser. Which probably won’t come as a huge surprise to people, but still ….

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