Monthly Archives: March 2007

I’ve been cookin

The photos aren’t very good as they’re taken on my laptop camera in very bad light, however they do give the general idea of the project.

Now what makes this construction particularly noteworthy is that it’s gluten-free. I started out to invent gluten free gingerbread at 2:50pm today after an epiphany. See I was reading hints and tips on gluten free cookery and saw that for structural stability I would need to replace gluten with something similarly sticky. There were a few suggestions – xantham gum, guar gum and something else. I pondered this for a while. Then! I realised that Benefiber is PURE GUAR GUM! Bah hah! And I happen to have a jar of Benefiber in my room for when I wish to surreptitiously boost my family’s fibre intake (it’s tasteless and can be mixed into anything without altering the texture).

So I hunted down a recipe for regular gingerbread and made the following adaptations:

  • Replaced 400g plain flour with 300g GF All purpose flour and 100g rice flour
  • Added a tablespoon and a 6th of a cup of Benefiber (the reason for the 6th of a cup was that my tablespoon was then covered in syrup by the time I thought I needed to add more fibre)
  • Replaced 4 tablespoons treacle with 2 tablespoons golden syrup and 2 tablespoons molasses
  • Added an extra half an egg when it seemed that more moisture was needed (anyone want half an egg?)
  • Used cornflour as a rolling medium

And it tastes great! I think I’d use a bit less Benefiber next time, but other than that I’m very pleased. The resulting product is strong, tastes like gingerbread and looks like gingerbread.

someone loves us

So this morning I walked into my tutorial room to find that our old computer – PC, circa 1999, monitor only worked when in a very specific location and made electrical crackly noises when moved – had been replaced with a SHINY NEW BEAUTIFUL iMAC!!!! Because it’s new and shiny and has an Intel chip it’s running Windows because the faculty likes Windows. But I can deal with that. It’s not a fire hazard! And it’s new! And really pretty!

In other news, as soon as this painfully slow self-directed tutorial grinds to a halt, it’s holiday time. I will be spending a lot of my holidays learning neuroanatomy and stuff. At the moment we are puzzling over the fate of dopamine from neurones killed off in Parkinson Disease. Blind Guide Dogs spring to mind.

yay gets kulcha

Today I decided to get acquainted with my inner classical musician. So I popped into Fish Fine Music and purchased a selection of works – Chill with Rachmaninov, Handel’s Messiah and an orchestral sampler (44 tracks…). Now I just have to work out how to make them into mp3s…. I think a program called Max will do it for me.

moving up in the world

Back when I was a pharmacy student, I used to occasionally receive letters from American Express telling me that I needed one of their cards. I disagreed, however the letters continued to arrive. Then when I was a pharmacist I received letters telling me that I needed a gold Amex. Gold! Think of it!

Yesterday I received a mock-up of my PLATINUM AMEX card. Platinum!

Hopefully by fourth year I’ll be up to black… and I don’t know where it goes from there…

some people are sick!

And then they cough all over you! And you get sick too!

Well that’s the only explanation I can give for waking up at 9pm (yes, PM) with a sore throat.

Yet they don’t cough that little bit extra that might give me a day off uni (er like a legitimate day, not just the ones I don’t go to because I don’t feel like it). I find this to be abominable conduct.

And I don’t have a cough. I probably can’t even muster a fever. Gah! Where’s the justice?!

clearing lists

I have a few lists happening at the moment. My daily activities are not dictated by my lists, however when I’m at a loose end I can consult them and see if there’s anything I’m meant to be doing. This evening I have been working on my “terms that come up in things I am reading that I need to look up but didn’t want to at the time to maintain my studious momentum” list. I finally know what sarcoidosis is. Well actually I don’t. As it’s primarily diagnosed on the basis of excluding everything else that could be causing the symptoms. And as it has protean clinical presentations, who knows if it’s one disease or many anyway? Protean is a word that was on the list mentioned above.

Sometimes things stay on a list for a long time. For example emptying my paper/plastic bottle recycling bin into the big paper and recycling bins. That was on the list for weeks. Finally I did it yesterday. So now I can carry on disposing of paper and water bottles as before.

Other items are no sooner on the list than they are crossed out. This is due to an efficiency technique called “retrospective to-do listing”, developed by me a few minutes ago. Even if it wasn’t on the list before you did it, it’s nice to see some evidence of productivity when the rest of the items on the list languish there for weeks… months… etc.

a busy day

So I have fulfilled my citizenly duty and given my opinion on who shouldn’t be running NSW. Now that’s a good idea… they should run backwards elections! Where you vote primarily for who you don’t want… and whoever gets the least votes wins.

Then I bought ingredients.

Then I made an orange poppyseed syrup cake.

And THEN I made a flourless chocolate cake. With 70% cocoa lindt (it was on special).

Then when the brother gets home with my car, I will drive to his girlfriend’s house and pick her up and we shall hopefully drive to the mountains for a beach mission reunion where I will present my cakeyness and eat salad and cake as I haven’t bought any meat to BBQ. The brother isn’t coming because he will be at a buck’s night. The girlfriend is a bit scared of me so I have to remind myself to behave. And not reel off my list of rules when she gets in the car…

Rules of Passenging in the Car of Yay

  • No farting without prior opening of windows or switching air-con off recirculate
  • All sentences must contain all of the vowels
  • The person in the passenger seat is in charge of passing the car lollies
  • Tuna sandwiches are forbidden
  • Yay navigates creatively and must be praised upon arrival at the desired location
  • The word “got” is frowned upon
  • As is “nauseous” when “nauseated” is the intended meaning
  • New rules may be invented and enforced at any time

a trip to the store

I just bought a new watch. It was quite an amusing exercise.

Setting the scene: Yay and brother of Yay are standing in the watch department valiantly trying to find someone to bust the desired watch out of the glass case. The brother starts making noises with his finger on the glass cases… another customer also searching for assistance joins in making a racket. A member of staff wearing a lab coat walks past. Yay considers asking her what research she is involved in and whether she could explain redox because it’s always been a bit beyond her. Finally a member of staff not wearing a lab coat or a bright pink Model t-shirt appears. Yay arm wrestles the other customer for access to the member of staff and is victorious. Well I got there first anyway. Fast forward to the bit after I’ve handed over my card…

DJs Staff 1: Oh dear I can’t find the swatch cases!
Yay: Ah that’s ok, I don’t usually keep my watches in cases anyway
DJs Staff 1: Hmmm well I’ll have to give you the stand….
Yay: erm well I don’t actually need the stand…
DJs1: Ah but you have to take it because if there’s a stand without a watch on it, they’ll think it’s been stolen!
Yay: so I just have to find a dumpster in a dark alley and dispose of the stand there?
DJs1: Yes. Wanders off to find a bag to put the stand in. The watch didn’t require a bag due to it being on my wrist
DJs2 enters the scene. She is the lab coat adorned member of staff mentioned earlier. Clearly the research department work longer hours than the watch specialists?
DJs2: Oh what a cute watch! Peers closer at the face of the watch Oh! But it’s dead! [You’ll need to click on the link to work out why]
Yay: Pause… Well, you can’t save ’em all!